Tweets on Tuesday: What’s Your Favorite “Land” at Disneyland or Magic Kingdom Park


2015 marks Disneyland’s 60th anniversary and surprisingly the park hasn’t changed much. Sure that have been  some new attractions along the way but the layout of the park has stayed roughly the same. The park’s original “lands” have remained and it’s gained 3 new areas over the course of it’s 60 years. As far as it’s Floriday counterpart, it too has stayed pretty similar to it’s original layout. It’s only change has been that of a new land which has now been developed into a larger portion of the parks original Fantasyland area. So over the weekend I asked my Twitter followers (@ModernMouseJosh) what their favorite “Land” of either Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom was and why? Here is what they said!

@DisneySparkles: I like Tomorrowland, mostly because it hosts the majority of my fave attractions. This is definitely a great reason to choose a land. Tomorrowland at either the Disneyland or Magic Kingdom park has hosted a large number of attractions since the “land” opened as an original area of the parks.

@SixBubbles: Favorite? How does one choose??? Lol. It is difficult considering how classic almost every area is. The Magic Kingdom and Disneyland both host a slue of “lands” and attractions that are so unique, detailed, and classic. It is hard to choose just one and you don’t really have to if you don’t want to.

@MsMainStFortune: Main Street USA (DL) because I’m there all day everyday! Esmeralda chimed in on this one. She is the fortune teller on Main St. at Disneyland and calls that area home so she makes a valid point in stating that her home might be the best place since….you know….she never leaves!

@MouseMonthly: New Orleans Square – completely original. The first new development of Disneyland. Opening in 1966, 11 years after the parks opening, New Orleans Square captures the details and charm of the French Quarter. It’s tight walkways, detailed facades, and delicious food put it on the list for good reason.

@YWTTM: Tomorrowland for me and why, because focus on the future and how technology changes everyday. Tomorrowland’s growth over the years to catch up with technology has been tough at times, but it’s showcase and optimism for the future has always been one of it’s best features. It’s a place we can all live and enjoy. I love that about this land.

@TTATraveler: Tomorrowland because TTA Peoplemover, Carousel of Progress, and all those lights are damn beautiful at night. Tomorrowland is one of the best places to be after dark at either of the parks. It’s fun lighting and busy walkways make it feel like the city of the future. The Magic Kingdom version also hosts two of Walt Disney’s original ideas. the TTA Peoplemover was an original concept for transportation in the city of tomorrow (EPCOT) and the Carousel of Progress was Walt’s addition to the 1964 World’s Fair which finally moved to Disneyland and then Magic Kingdom.

@WDWParkHopper: I am a Frontierland man myself. Everybody has to have a place to wander and Dan is a well traveled Magic Kingdom lover so it’s understandable he would love one certain place in the park.

@GoTeamMegan: I like Adventureland because i’m not an idiot or a terrible person. Well Megan, you aren’t an idiot or a terrible person to begin with. I’m also a proponent for Adventureland so I’m right in that boat with you.

@MHolley579: Frontierland, with Advertureland a very close 2nd. Another person who had a tough time choosing and I have gone back and forth several times on which areas I love. It changes day to day.

@_AnnaPorter: Frontierland! Great Choice!

@JeffliPack: Holidayland! A former shortlived area of the original Disneyland park. It hosted a few attractions but not much. If you’ve lived to have seen this land, I’m jealous.

@StephenP117: Adventureland! Another Great Choice!

@LilDeb1986: Frontierland! I think I started a Frontierland vs. Adventureland war.

@CRufener: Adventureland! Nope, I definitely started a Fronitierland vs. Adventureland war.

@NORMNB8S: Based on what criteria? Attractions? Overall theme? Decorations? I’d choose Frontierland for all of those now that I think about it. After really thinking hard about it, Alan from the Enchanted Tiki Talk podcast finally came to the conclusion of Frontierland. I’m glad that he looked at it this way. Fitting it what really makes these areas great. The attractions they house, the overall theme and the decorations and detailings all make up a great “Land”.

So what’s my favorite “Land”? I’m never really sure. I go back and forth all the time. I’d have to say Disneyland’s version of Adventureland continues to be a constant in my thoughts but I could pin down so many others as my favorite place I’d like to spend time. It’s a difficult question but a fun one. Be sure to follow me if you want to be a part of a future post here on the site. If you have any other thoughts, don’t be afraid to leave your comments. Thanks!

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