Top 5: Ways Disney Could Use the Larger Magic Kingdom Hub

Construction continues on the Magic Kingdom parks central area dubbed “The Hub”. The hub is a circular area which connects almost every “Land” of the Magic Kingdom’s park. It’s currently used for fireworks shows and parades as well as the best spot to take pictures of Cinderella Castle. The Hub is a large space filled only with walkways, gardens, and a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse titled “Partners”/ The construction at the Hub is expanding it out so that the area can fit more guests which will help increase flow patterns, make way for better fireworks and parade viewings, and anything Disney want’s to use it for in the future. Well, that’s my thought anyways. This large area can be used for so much more than parades and fireworks. What kinds of things? Here are my top 5 ways Disney could use the larger Magic Kingdom hub.

hub 1

#5-Interactive Castle Stage Shows. Stage shows have been taking place directly in front of Cinderella Castle for years now and they have featured many Disney character favorites including princesses, villains, and Mickey Mouse himself. So wouldn’t it be great to have an expanded stage show lineup. Since we have more room to pack people towards the stage, we cane move the characters from the stage to the audience area. We can also yank guests up on stage for these shows.

hub 2

#4-Expanded Snack Cart Offerings. Snack carts and the hub seem to go hand in hand right? So why not have more. Maybe we can expand the snack cart offerings where we have several carts with each representing one land in the Magic Kingdom park. These carts would offer specific foods dedicated to that area of the park. When parades and fireworks come to the Hub we can just move these carts out of the hub. Simple and easy.

hub 3

#3-Long Lost Friends. In 2013, Disney ran a promotion called Limited Time Magic in which it ran a small promotion for one or two weeks at a time. One of it’s biggest successes was called “Long Lost Friends” in which they brought out rarely seen characters to meet in the park. The hub could become a great meet and greet area several times a day featuring some characters you wouldn’t see in other areas of the park. This could also go along with the stage shows. As the shows end, the characters step off stage and take pictures or sign autographs for park guests.

hub 4

#2-Celebrate Holidays. One of the reasons I love Disneyland is their use of the Big Thunder Ranch picnic area. Typically this area is decorated for whatever holiday/season is approaching. The decorations also come with scavenger hunts, coloring stations, dance parties, and meet and greets. With the expanded hub, there could be reason to celebrate the seasons at the Magic Kingdom. Serious decorations to the area, scavenger hunt maps, and seasonal character meets definitely work for this area. Imagine Easter egg hunts, doing the Monster Mash, decorating Christmas ornaments, etc…


#1-Impromptu Musical Performances. Another one of my favorite reasons to visit Disneyland is music. Bands seem to perform everywhere and in an impromptu way. The hub is a great area for impromptu performances from the barbershop group The Dapper Dans, a marching band, jazz bands, and ragtime piano players. Stopping to see a musical performance would not take away from walking paths and it would stop guests momentarily telling them to stop and smell the roses instead of rushing to the next E-Ticket Attraction.

What would you like to see happen at the Hub? What could be the next big thing at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Let me know in the comments below!

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