Tweets on Tuesday: Best Disney Parks Nighttime Show?


Since we are heading into New Years Eve, I figured many of us are getting excited for nighttime celebrations with fireworks and singing and parties. So what more appropriate question could I have had on my Twitter (@ModernMouseJosh) than “What’s the best Disney Parks Nighttime show?” Not only is seeing some of these shows a great way to ring in the new year but they are a great way to end any night on a Disney vacation. I wondered what people would say as I have my own bias towards certain shows. Here is what everyone said was the best Disney Parks Nighttime show.

@DisDawgs: Illuminations at Epcot. If I was an Orlando local, I would probably be at Epcot once a month to see this show. It’s amazing and I can’t say that I’ve ever missed it on any vacation since my first trip to Walt Disney World back in the early 1990s. This would be my second choice for best nighttime show personally!

@CRufener: DCA World of Color! This is my top pick above anything else. This show lacks fireworks but it doesn’t even need it. The water show at California Adventure is breathtaking. I told Angie on our last trip that we would want to see this show more than once. After our first viewing her automatic response was, “We are seeing this again right?” This is how I will always feel. World of Color is the pinnacle of Disney nighttime entertainment as of 2014. Where does it stand in the future, who knows? I’m certain though that this would be my number #1 vote as of right now.

@ercus_leslie: Concerts during Food and Wine Festival! Eat to the Beat! Between Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival and the Food and Wine Festival, I would say that the Eat to the Beat concert series during the Food and Wine festival is the better of the two festival concert series. In 2014 we saw acts like Sugar Ray, Hanson, The Commodores, Air Supply, Fuel, Night Ranger, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy play. It’s such an amazing and diverse lineup of musicians and the concert is free with your entrance into Epcot. A great answer to this question of nighttime entertainment.

@EpcotAKL: Hallowishes at Halloween. The best for the whole year is Illuminations at Epcot. Another vote goes in for Illuminations at Epcot but I’m glad to see the Halloween fireworks on display. I think the Halloween party is far superior to the Christmas party…firework display included. Plus there are villains and ghosts and things!

@SixBubbles: I mean…fireworks! Seems like someone isn’t really picky about their nighttime show as long as there are fireworks involved and that’s fair enough!

@LeahIsMagical: Fantasmci! No, Wishes! No, Fantasmic! Wishes! Fantasmic! WishesFantasmicWishesFantasmicICANTCHOOOSE! This got out of hand and I’m sorry to mentally break anyone with this question. Ha! Strangely enough, I’m not a fan of the WDW version of Fantasmic nor Wishes so I can’t help you out while you ride the fence here. I will say that Wishes has been around for many years and I wonder if the firework show at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will get any changes in the coming few years. As for Fantasmic, I’d like to see something with it change as well when Hollywood Studios gets some sort of resurrection.

@braindud92 Wonderful, Wonderful World of Color. That’s two votes for World of Color which ties Epcot’s Illuminations. I think I can contest that the majority of people are loving this!

@WesAList: Fantasmic. Disneyland Version. I previously mentioned that I’m not a fan of Disney World’s Fantasmic show at the Hollywood Studios park but I’m a major fan of the nearly same show by the same name at the Disneyland park. It’s different in the best of ways. It’s much more intimate. It has better effects. It also doesn’t have those darn bleachers that make everyone’s butt hurt after 5 minutes of sitting on them.

That wraps up this weeks Tweets on Tuesday and I can’t wait to jump into the conversation on Twitter in 2015. Make sure to follow me so you can answer the questions and be featured on the site each and every Tuesday. (Hopefully!) See you all soon!

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  1. It’s true. Fireworks. The ones here on the 4th are kinda pathetic compared to ANY Disney show. Their fireworks displays are just great. When I was staying at the resort last summer/fall we could see the Epoct fireworks every night. Even from a distance… WOWZER.

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