Tweets on Tuesday: Best Holiday Overlay to a Disney Attraction?


Tweets on Tuesday is on a roll with my third post. I’m excited to bring you a holiday edition and I really enjoyed this one. Over the past decade or so Disney has turned their attractions into Christmas themed adventures. I’ve  not had the pleasure to ride any of these versions so I put the question out to twitter. (@ModernMouseJosh) What Disney attraction has the best Holiday overlay? I got several answers and I think we covered some good tracks. As always, be sure to follow me on Twitter if you want to participate in Tweets on Tuesday!

@LanceAndJeff: Small World Holiday is the best balance of original attraction and holiday theme. I’m not sure if it’s the best balance as it seems many others had their say. I would go along with this though for the simple response of never having been on any of the holiday attractions. Love how they explained their answer.

@pinkbunnyr: Haunted Mansion Holiday. No real explanation here but I guess there doesn’t need to be considering that Haunted Mansion becomes a completely different Nightmare Before Christmas attraction. It definitely is the most outrageous of all of the makeovers and by that point could be the best.

@foxmomof4: I would have said Country Bears when I was younger. But Osbourne over NY street if that counts. I would say it most certainly does! I love the Osbourne light show and would consider it its own attraction and a good use of space on New York street. You are also correct about the Country Bears as it was last shown at Magic Kingdom in 2005 but is sadly missed. It might have been my choice had I ever seen it.

@BroncoTruck: 1. Country Bears Christmas, 2. Small World Holiday. So these seem to be a running theme. An interesting group to put on the list as one of these holiday versions no longer exists and another attraction would be one that many people would skip over during the rest of the year.

@JKDisneyHip: Mansion, DL. No contest. Another repeat here which means that 3 attractions have two votes each and I don’t have a “best attraction” yet. Seems like it’s up to what you like right?

@StephDisneyFan: Country Bears. Again with an attraction that no longer has a holiday overlay. Obviously this needs to make a return to Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland because it is deeply missed by many.

@NCLEXprof:  haunted Mansion DL. Nightmare Before Christmas and the overlay at Disneyland tends to be the most popular still running overlay around. Makes sense as Disney goes out of it’s way to make this grand and it’s the one holiday makeover that runs the longest, going from October through December. Almost 1/4 of the year, the Haunted Mansion is this different attraction.

@Craigory24: Jungle Cruise. Jungle all the way. After asking so many people, finally I got someone who likes the “Jingle Cruise” version of the Jungle Cruise. This is only it’s second year with the overlay of Christmas cheer but it seems to have received some serious improvements this year. However by the responses I got, the Jingle Cruise already seems like it rubbed people the wrong way last year and guests weren’t returning to the attraction this year.

@WaltsFrzenHead: Kilimanjingle Safari. This clearly hasn’t happened and I’m not sure any of those lions out on the rocks will be wearing a Santa hat anytime soon. For now you’ll have to just enjoy the animatronic jungle attraction to get your holiday fix.

So it seems like this isn’t really a “best attraction”. It’s more like a “pick your poison” situation because what appeals to one person doesn’t appeal to another. I guess I’ll eventually have to test all of these that I can myself. Thanks to all who participated for their thoughts and until next week, be sure to follow me on Twitter and answer a question from me when you see it, you might be featured the next time around!

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