Top 5: Reasons it Was Awkward to see Cruella De Vil on Once Upon A Time

cruella2I will never stop watching Once Upon a Time, well, not until it comes to an end. Wait, it’s going to end? No! No! It can’t end, why would you tell me that!? ANYWAY I can look past some things when it comes to watching tv and noticing errors in continuity, small plot holes, or bad CG effects, but what really puzzled me in this week’s episode was seeing Cruella De Vil, and here’s why:

5. Since when are Dalmatians her minions? – Maybe I interpreted the scene wrong, but Belle totally gets lured into the woods by this Dalmatian pup. He comes up to her, acts all cute and stuff, then runs off, and she follows, because, hey, cute puppy love, am I right? That makes it seem like the plan all along, because the second she gets into the woods, she is captured by someone, who we later find out is a team of 3 villains, including Cruella, which makes sense because her movie is the only one with Dalmatians. But, it’s hard for me to think of puppies as evil, so let’s all just tell ourselves he just got wrapped up in the wrong crowd and it wasn’t his fault.

cruella44. She would never wear that outfit and subject it to those conditions – Cruella cares about one thing and one thing only – fashion. At least that’s the whole plot behind 101 Dalmatians. So, it was just weird to me to see her voluntarily wearing a full length fur coat in the middle of the forest, and basically in a cave. At least the other villains have magic and/or live in the ocean, therefore can kind of just clean up at the drop of a hat. Cruella would have to take that pure white bundle of animal cruelty to the dry cleaners, and I just have a sneaking suspicion you wont be finding a dry cleaners in the Enchanted Forest.

cruella33. Why would Ursula and Maleficent team up with her? – Think about it, what can Cruella even do? Yeah she’s super evil, I mean, she is willing to KILL puppies, but beyond that she’s useless. She gets 2 guys to do all of the work in the movie she is originally from, so she can’t even lure a sweet puppy into her grasps, and on top of that, she doesn’t have the ONE thing ALL of the other villains in the Enchanted Forest, Oz, and Arendale have – magic. Seriously, what use do these other 2 villains have for her, she’s worthless!

2. The Actor who played her was too attractive, or something – Ok, so other well known and beloved characters in Once Upon A Time have strayed from the look we know them for, but with Cruella they pretty much try to make her look almost exactly like the animated version of the villain from 101 Dalmatians. cruellaThe problem isn’t so much that the actress isn’t a 6’4″ hag who weighs 83 pounds, but more that, well, she kind of looks to me like someone who is doing a pretty excellent job cosplaying, but isn’t quite a believable version of the character. Even the face characters in the parks are better than what I saw in this episode, and maybe it’s just me, but the fact that I even thought this at all means they did something wrong, because it just wasn’t on point enough.

cruellalondon1. Cruella isn’t from the Enchanted Forest so why and how is she there – Isn’t Cruella De Vil CLEARLY from our world – i.e. London, i.e. obviously NOT the Enchanted Forest. So, why is she there, how did she get there, what the heck!? It just didn’t make any sense. I usually don’t nit-pick over plot holes, but this one was just kind of stupid. Hopefully they explain it somehow in an upcoming episode, but for now it stands to be non-sensicle. I mean, are there even really puppies in the Enchanted Forest, because, for someone who lives, sleeps, and eats to skin animals and make coats, it doesn’t seem like she would be too keen on residing in a land that doesn’t seem to have an abundance of those commodities.

Of course, I’m just trying to be humorous with my article, and I love Once Upon A Time no matter what, but what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below please!

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  1. Blackbeard also shouldn’t be from the Enchanted Forest either as he’s a real person. It’s just so weird.

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