Tweets on Tuesday: What Do You Want to See Come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios?


Last week’s first Twitter question went over really well with what everyone thought would be big in 2015. This week I asked my Twitter followers (@ModernMouseJosh) what they want to see come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the coming years. Walt Disney World’s 3rd theme park has had many closures this year and rumors have circulated about what will end up at the park in the long run. I got some great feedback and ideas from followers and I want to share all of them with you! If you want to be part of Tweets on Tuesday, be sure to follow me on Twitter and tweet back at me when I ask questions. You never know if you’ll end up on the site.

@TMSMAvenger: Mos Eisley Cantina with the house band. This one has been on many peoples “want” list. The cantina from the original Star Wars film is classic and you are probably humming the song from the scene right now. Having the house band playing as animatronic characters is more than doable and it truly doesn’t matter what type of food you serve here, it would probably be booked out with reservations for months.

@YWTTM: a new expansion to the park. Hollywood Studios needs a lot of work. As much as I can say that the park needs work, I’m not overly keen on expanding it. Before that we need to fill it. I’d love to see the aforementioned Star Wars cantina and other exhibits and attractions to bring the Star Wars universe it’s own themed area. I’d personally like to see some of the film, television, and stage attractions come back. I’ve always admired the behind the scenes look that we get at some of Universal Studios attractions and the Indiana Jones Stunt show gives us a taste of that, but we can upgrade so many of these stages with some modern technology to showcase how these forms of entertainment come to life.

@SafariMike: a trackless Incredibles ride as you zip through battle scenes. The international Disney parks have seen a new form of dark ride appear. The trackless system allows for ride vehicles to basically go anywhere and to run through the city. The Incredibles are a really good fit for something like this in an expanded Pixar Place.

@SafariMike: a Toy Story Pizza Planet that looks like the movie one. Pizza Planet is something that just seems thrown together. On top of that, it doesn’t have the amazing arcade inside. The pizza they serve is also lackluster. A rejuvenated Pizza Planet in Pixar Place would be much appreciated.

@SafariMike: a Death Star spinner where you ride in X-Wings and Tie Fighters. First let me point out that Safari Mike decided he wanted to really chime in and he had tons of ideas that I liked so I’m posting all of them. Just prepare yourself to keep seeing his name pop up. As far as his ideas go, this is the one I’m least fond of. It would be a quick attraction to toss up, similar in vein to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, but it seems so cheesy in an area that could be very high tech and interactive that it would seem way out of place.

@SafariMike: turn the old Pizza Planet into a Muppets themed quick service where they serve Swedish Meatballs. Okay, this one hits me right in the heart strings. I love the Muppets despite the last film falling short of expectations. Jim Henson’s fuzzy creatures are sadly represented with only one attraction. The original plan for the Muppets was to have a whole land for them. This would be a beginning to that in my dreams. A quick service Muppet themed restaurant seems harmless. If it does well, lets expand upon it!

@SafariMike: Rock and Roller Coaster rethemed to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: This one I’ll flat out say no to. I’m a huge lover of Oswald and would say that he fits at the Studios park more than any other park at Disney World but the Rock and Roller Coaster concept works. It just needs to be updated with something hip and cool. Give the boot to Aerosmith and bring in a band that seems modern but can be related to all ages. A band like Foo Fighters, Weezer, or the Red Hot Chili Peppers have mass appeal while still being hip and they have the staying power to be the featured band of the attraction for another 10 years until they update the featured band again.

@SafariMike: Instead of Radiator Springs Racers I want Sugar Rush Racers: What a cute attraction this could be as we whirl through the video games of the past, present, and future. Could you imagine taking a banked curve in some sort of lollipop jungle then zipping over to fight aliens in a scary sci-fi game. This could be really fun and would separate itself from the California Adventure counterpart.

@rachelfaith97: Honestly my dream is for it to become an actual working studio again but that will never happen lol. That probably won’t happen, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that we aren’t done with some of those behind the scenes style shows and educational attractions about the making of films or television shows. I loved the animation tour and backlot tour when I was a kid and I know I’ll never see that kind of the thing again, but keeping with a behind the scenes theme would at least give you a little of that feeling.

@CheshireCanuck: Star Wars Land. This is hopefully locked for the not so distant future. Hopefully with the cantina and some cool new attractions. This is more likely than most things going to the park.

@belle599: how much time do you have? I think the mass amount of work needed at the park can be a great way for Imagineers to show their creativity. They rejuvenated Disney California Adventure in Anaheim with tons of changes and the comparison to Hollywood Studios could mean that we see some positive changes. I love the detailing at DCA and I think we will see that come to DHS. I agree that this isn’t just a quick question to answer and then everything is done. This will be tons of work and years of work in the making.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s Tweets on Tuesday. I enjoy hearing from all of you so be sure to follow me on Twitter!

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