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This past week on Twitter I asked my followers (@ModernMouseJosh) what they think the best Disney moments or news or 2015 will be. I had some wonderful conversation with people and I think everyone brought some ideas to the table. Whether or not some of this will become the best of 2015 is up for debate and we will have to see what the new year will bring. Regardless, I wanted to post the answers I got and give my thoughts on these ideas. If you want to be a part of future Tweets for Tuesday posts, be sure to follow me (again and when I post a questions be sure to give your answer. So here is what some of my followers thought the best Disney moments and news of 2015 will be:

@AngryDisneyNerd: Hopefully, an announcement about the future of DHS that we will all embrace with open arms. (Right?) This is a big yest from me. I’ve been blabbering on the Modern Mouse Radio Podcast (Subscribe on iTunes Here) about how much Disney’s Hollywood Studios park needs to change and quickly. Many are speculating that major changes will be announced at Disney’s grand daddy convention, the D23 Expo, but I think something needs to either be announced or secretly worked on prior to that event in August because we can’t wait a few years to have this park up and running on all cylinders. Paying close to $100 a ticket for a day at this park currently just seems wrong.

@JamboEveryone: Opening of Harambe marketplace, Avengers 2 and Star Wars In case you don’t know, this is Safari Mike’s twitter handle and he as well as his brother talk extensively about Animal Kingdom so it’s no surprise that he brings up some Animal Kingdom news here. Yes, I’m excited about the new Harambe Marketplace. In the last year, the African area of Animal Kingdom has doubled in size and is now into construction on the Harambe Marketplace which will bring new food to the park. I’m always up for new food and Animal Kingdom has easily become the #3 park at Walt Disney World and is really rivaling Epcot at this point. Could 2015 make it the #2 park at Walt Disney World? Also Mike brings up two films that will draw in big numbers for Disney. With 2014’s box office raking in some big numbers, I can only assume that with the power of the Avengers and Star Wars franchises, the numbers will surpass anything that Disney has made to date.

@WaltsFrzenHead: Closing of Stitch, Buzz, and MILF with the release of new rides based off the Tomorrowland movie. This is highly unlikely, but with Tomorrowland at both Magic Kingdom and Disneyland needing some serious love, I would love to see some elements from the upcoming Tomorrowland film be put into the lands at their respective parks. I said this year that a Guardians of the Galaxy makeover of Tomorrowland would be really cool, but obviously the Tomorrowland film would be an even better fit. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

@DisneyTwenties: Hopefully some actual Star Wars in the parks news! Like the speculation I talked about for the D23 Expo, I would expect Star Wars to make a big impact at the event, specifically in the realm of a full trailer for the film and a sneak peek at Star Wars making it’s way into the parks more than just the Star Tours attraction. Rumors of a Star Wars land coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios could be fun to speculate. I’m not as keen on the rumors I’ve heard about Star Wars taking over areas of Disneyland, but I’m still interested in seeing what Disney’s Imagineers have in store for the franchise at the parks.

@AndrewCfran: Curious to see how that “Tomorrowland” movie turns out I am as well and it’s my most anticipated film of 2015. Even over Star Wars and Avengers. This film directed by Brad Bird has been mysteriously vague since it was announced over a year and a half ago. Tons of great clues and tweets have been posted to aid what this film might be about but we all still are clueless and I love walking into films where I don’t know what will happen at all!

@365DaysofDisney: Announcement about Star Wars or the Studios? Like I said before, the D23 Expo in August will most likely play host to announcements for new Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Hopefully Imagineering has a large presentation this year because all of the Disney nerds are foaming at the mouth to hear about whats on the drawing board for the parks and Star Wars.

@GuySelga: I think Golden Horseshoe Revue will finally return to DL. Guy Selga is a genius. After 2013’s special runs of the Golden Horeshoe Review, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen. Many of the elements that came from 2013’s Limited Time Magic returned for 2014 and look to be permanent fixtures at the parks. With the success and overwhelming response for the original Golden Horseshoe show during 2013, I’d love to see this happen even if it was for a limited time engagement.

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