Disney Fan Art: DIY Crafty Countdown Calendar

A couple weeks ago, we secured our wedding date for WDW in April 2015. I got super excited, for obvious reasons, and decided to make a countdown calendar. I didn’t want to buy new materials, so I just gathered some things from around the house to throw together.

What I used:


How to Make it!

First thing’s first, I painted my canvas with a background color and contrasting design.

I then mixed a matte medium with the same color paint i used for my background to thin it out (if you don’t have this, just thin it out with water if you want the same effect) and I painted over the whole design until I was happy with the coverage

I painted the border, I just free hand came up with a design – you can Google “borders” if you want to get inspiration.

Once that was all dry I traced my Mickey & Minnie circles with my cups, then traced them in, then painted them black. Once that was dry, I free hand painted the top hat and tiara.

Next was the wording. I free hand painted “days until” at the top right of the canvas, then “Happily ever after” on the bottom in white paint.

Once everything was dry, I took a fuzzy wire and hot glued it to the top 2 corners of the back of the canvas.

I took my chalkboard and taped the chain it was attached to to the back of the canvas so that it hung right above the Mickey&Minnie and to the left of the “days until” writing.

I hung it on a nail on the wall by our door in the dining room so we can change the number each day it gets closer!

countdowncalendarCheck out my other Countdown Calendar tutorial with pictures and a step-by-step guide here!

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