Disney Wedding Planning Journal #8: Nov 11, 2014 (Losing Weight for the Wedding & Vacation)


I’ve lost a little weight since Disneyland in May 2014 already, but I don’t know how much, I just know my pants are less snug…

Just warning you, this post gets a little personal and isn’t really directly about Disney , it just relates to Disney because it’s something I am doing BECAUSE I am going on a Disney Vacation, which I think is good for this website because I have read a lot in forums about people trying to lose weight for a Disney Vacation. So, it fits here, right? Right… Also it’s embarrassing, buy only for me, so don’t worry.

Ok, I am jumping on the bridal bandwagon of trying to lose weight for the wedding. I am actually, for the first time in my life, fairly content with my size (even though I was the same size in high school and was miserable about it), but I’m not as happy as I could be, and, most importantly, I am not fit. A few weeks ago, I ran full speed to my friend’s house, who lives about 2 blocks away, and I was so out of breath, it probably took me a good 15 minutes to recover, and let’s not even talk about how sore my legs were from it the next day. I am 26 years old and I want my body to reflect the youthfulness that I feel, as well as maintain that youthfulness for years to come, so the goal in the coming months is to try and get myself feeling strong, energetic, and the happiest I can be in my own skin.

So, here’s the deal – the plan is to keep track of my progress on this website as a small blurb at the end of my Wedding Planning Blogs, but this is the only post that will be fully dedicated to it. I know not everyone is interested in my weight loss journey, but for those who are inspired, want to do it with me, or want to do it in the future (especially if they come by this because they are planning for their own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding), then it is here as a guide for you to pull from.

Here is where I currently stand right now – I am 5’2″ tall (or short, I should say) and weigh 126.5lbs. My pants size is usually 8, dress size 4 or 6, and shirt size usually a Small or XS (something medium depending on the brands, too). Obviously I am pear shaped, so most of my weight loss will come from that lower part. Waist – 26.5″/Gut- 30″/Hips- 40″. If I lose weight, I doubt the gut or waist will change much – MAYBE an inch each, but I am really hoping to get that hip size down. (The good thing is I have very little fat on the areas where my wedding dress fits tight, so I wont need it altered if I lose any weight, plus it’s super tight on those areas anyway, like a corset!)


Just snapped this photo solely for this post. Ignore the fuzzy socks!

Now that I have revealed anything that one might consider embarrassing, let me tell you how I am going to take care of that. My eating habits are pretty healthy as it is – I eat a plant-based diet, so no change there, but I do need to cut out a couple things. I have dieted in the past and it has never worked for me because in my normal non-dieting day to day life, I never get cravings, but when I diet, I want to eat soooo much. When I eat what I want instead of dieting, I find that my body stays thinner than when I binge from depriving myself. I am only changing some eating habits so that I don’t affect myself in any negative way. So here are my new eating rules:

  • Cook with less fat (this means using less Earth Balance Margarine for me, I use so much of it!)
  • No eating/snacking after 7pm
  • Keep less snacks (chips) stocked in the house
  • Incorporating more filling veggies in meals (for example – add in a lot of broccoli to smaller portion of pasta with a garlic sauce instead of just doing lots of pasta with marinara!)

The exercise portion of this is where the real progress should come from (hopefully!):

  • Josh and I have started working out for 30 min a day no matter what we decide to fill that time with. We thought of doing it competitively, like whoever gets more “workout points” gets to have an extra $50 spending money in Disney, but we decided not to do that.
  • I am also working out separately from him trying something new often. Today I am going to try a Zumba video game we have. Next week or next month I may try and pull some stuff from the P90X workout DVDs I have.
  • Taking Flip for more/longer walks (this is good for her, too!)

The goal: I would like to get into the 110-115lb range and/or drop at least 1 pants size, aka get that hip measurement down!

So far, this is the starting point, so I will give an update on my progress and if I need to change anything in my next post! Let me know in the comments below if you are joining me on my journey!

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