Disney Wedding Planning Journal #7: Nov 8, 2014 (We Booked Our Wedding and Vacation!!!)

DreamWeddingmaker-HeroIt’s official! We’ve booked both our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding date, our Bridal Portrait session in Epcot, and our Walt Disney World vacation! This has got to be one of the best feelings there is!

So, here’s how everything went:

-We called Disney Fairy Tale Weddings (DFTW)(321 – 939 – 4610) last Friday and spoke with Chris on the phone. It was too early to book our Memories Wedding package on that date (it’s supposed to be 6 months out), but it would be available to book the following Monday, so he penciled in our information and what date and time we wanted and forwarded our information to a wedding planner.

-We received an email from Ashton, our assigned Wedding Planner with information about the wedding package we were going to be booking and the promise that she would be calling us the following week.

Luau_Beach_thumb-On Monday, Josh called Ashton at DFTW, even though they typically call you, but we couldn’t wait! They spoke about the package and she said no one else had booked the date we wanted and we could pick any time! We picked Friday, April 24th, 2015 @1pm at the Polynesian Resort’s Luau Beach and we picked the next morning for our EPCOT portrait session (aka Bridal Portraits).

-Ashton told us (which we already knew) we needed to have at least 2 nights booked at a Disney Resort to be able to reserve this package, so we called our travel agent (my first time ever using a travel agent!) which is, of course, Amanda who specializes in DFTW vacations. You can find her here if you would like to book through her! We actually just ended up booking our entire vacation because the deposit amount would have been the same either way – $200.

-Now back to Ashton with DFTW: The nice thing is that Disney reserves your date for about 2 weeks without a deposit so that they can send you a Contract information request form for you to fill out. They THEN send you a contract to print out, sign, and send back with a deposit (this is also reserved until a given date). So, we filled out our Contract information request and sent it back to Ashton via email (but she was out of the office), so hopefully we will be getting the finalized Contract to sign and send back to her sometime next week along with a deposit of $500.

So, that’s the progress we’ve made this week! Everything will be a little more finalized next week and I will update everyone then! Until then, you can catch up on my other Wedding Planning posts in the links below my signature, and keep tuned because at the end of all of this, I will be putting together a complete guide on how to book a Memories Wedding with DFTW and what to expect when doing so! Thanks!

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  1. Hi! This is the wedding I’m looking to book for January 2016! I would love to ask you a few questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them for me? My email is amy-gould@hotmail.co.uk if you decide you’d like to help. Thanks! 🙂

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