Top 5: Reasons to see Big Hero 6 Right Now!

Everyone on the staff here at Modern Mouse got to see Big Hero 6 before it hit theaters today and we are all excited to get out there and see it again. Walt Disney Animation has been on a roll since Tangled (I might even say Princess and the Frog) and Big Hero 6 is a great addition. I was pretty skeptical of a superhero Disney animated film. Many of Disney’s classic animated films have been adapted from old folk stories and fairytales so how would a comic book film relate to Cinderella or Aladdin? Well I’m here to tell you that it fits in wonderfully. I made the same mental self-argument with myself for Wreck-It Ralph and I find myself lumping that movie in with some of the best as well. So what makes this film so great? Here are my top 5 reasons to see Big Hero 6 right now!

big hero

#5: The Action. The outer layer of this movie is still a superhero film and that means action. We get a few of those scenes. Fighting, car chases, and destroying cities. It’s all here and it’s fun to watch. The team of Honey Lemon, Wasabi, GoGo, and Fred really come to life here and it’s fun to watch these tech based heroes try their best to save the city. The “powers” they develop are pretty cool as well along with the villain (won’t give away who it is) who really does seem unstoppable at times.

#4: The Setting. San Fransokyo is freaking gorgeous. Credit this one to the team at Marvel for creating it, but also to Disney for bringing to life such a familiar looking place, yet very fictional. The city is gorgeous and we get several shots throughout the movie that show the full scope of the animation department’s work. If I were a background designer for this movie, I would be proud. I always found Arendelle from Frozen so fictional and far away, but San Fransokyo seems like a place I’ve been too and a place that I know. I can smell it, see it, and I know how to get around town. That’s pretty amazing for a city that doesn’t really exist.

big hero 1

#3: The Possible Technological Future. Another thing beyond the city that feels fictional but familiar is the technology within the film. All of the characters of Big Hero 6 have created technology or are using it and it all seems somewhat useful. Robotic health care? We are probably on the verge of that. Magnetic technology for uses far more advanced than what you might think your fridge can handle? We are probably on the verge of that too! Battle Bots? Don’t we all remember how awesome this show was a few years ago and how it needs to come back? Disney has done a good job at making me believe that this future isn’t too far from where I am now. The technology also takes a backseat to real human emotions and that’s also impressive. This movie has tons of technology but that’s not what this story is about and Disney knows that and it never feels intrusive to the heart of this film.

#2: Baymax. If you didn’t pick up the fact that Baymax is the best thing ever from the commercial than I am here to tell you that fact. Baymax is pretty awesome. From beginning to end, every time Baymax talks or moves, it’s pretty incredible. He steals almost every scene he is in and provides the best laughs in the film. I prefer Baymax as huggable and soft, but I know some folks will like him in his superhero outfit. Which ever way you like him, he is sure to be the fan favorite coming out of this film and Baymax merchandise will be everywhere for boys this Christmas.

big hero 2

#1: Hiro’s Relationships. The real heart of this film is Hiro and the relationships he has with his brother, his aunt, Baymax, and the other Big Hero 6. There are moments when you really feel for Hiro and that he is just trying to do the right thing for the people he loves. I loved seeing his relationship with his brother and how he looks up to him. I also love how close Hiro gets to Baymax and how this robot becomes his best friend. That might sound weird, but after watching this film, you will be just as involved in their friendship. I love taking this journey with Hiro and feeling what he feels as the story evolves. By the end of this film, you feel like you know Hiro because you’ve been through everything with him and that’s a great place to be at the end of a movie.

So I hope you go see Big Hero 6 sooner rather than later. Did you see the film? What are your favorite moments (no spoilers), your favorite characters, etc… Leave your comments anytime and keep the conversation rolling!

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  1. Can’t say enough good things about Big Hero 6! I was blown away by the gorgeous animation and pretty sure it’s my new favorite animated film (taking the place of Tangled). Being a huge science/technology geek, I was able to connect with the characters and movie at a greater level. The amount of Fred scenes and plot was awesome. Was not expecting it. Also can I just say that it has the best credit scene of all time? Will definitely be seeing it again before it leaves theaters.

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