Disney Wedding Planning Journal #6: Nov 6, 2014 (Wedding Cake Topper)

caketopperAs anyone who’s been following our wedding planning stuff may know, Josh and I are getting married in Walt Disney World, then flying to MA to hold a wedding reception for my family, then flying back home to CO and holding another reception for family and friends here. Naturally, we are planning on having cake at all 3 events, and so decided to look at wedding cake toppers. Originally we were just thinking of getting a Mickey & Minnie, or Donald & Daisy, etc., cake topper if we could find one. Then, we started looking at just regular ceramic figurines of classic Disney couples, but couldn’t find anything that really stood out. So, off to Etsy! If you’re an Etsy user, you’ll know you can find just about anything you are looking for, but for a price. We found some wooden dolls people had made and were selling on there, but they were anywhere from $50-$99! As soon as I saw them, I said to Josh, “I know exactly where to find the wooden doll parts, and I already own all the other products to make this.” So, we went to Micheal’s craft store and bought wooden doll pieces plus a rectangular wooden base for them to stand on. We got home and I started working! First, was making the pieces I needed to make out of clay: the hair, Josh’s ties, my bouquet, and our arms. I used Sculpey clay, then baked them in the oven. I painted the bodies with acrylic paint, then also painted the clay pieces when they were finished hardening. I glued everything together with hot glue, and presto! it was finished! Now, I plan on getting a piece of laminated cardboard for the base so we can place it on top of a cake without ruining the wood and without getting any paint in our food!

So much has been happening as far as the wedding is concerned in the past few weeks and I can’t wait to write a few more posts to update everyone! Tomorrow we talk to the Wedding Planner, so you will surely be seeing that post in the near future!

So, what do you think of our cake topper? Let me know in the comments below! 

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