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Last month I took some time to really put myself out there and how this site really changed my life. I looked back on how and why I started Modern Mouse Radio. Now, 3 years later, we just hit 500 posts. We’ve written, recorded, and had so much fun putting out articles, podcasts, videos, and other things over that time. I’ve been the only person here since the beginning because before this was Modern Mouse Radio, it went by a generic Disney History name and I wrote an article once a week for myself really.

Despite having been around three years, it’s hard to even consider the first year a real year. I used this space to put together a resume so I could write for Lou Mongello’s WDW Radio blog.  After countless articles there, which were also posted here, I finally decided that this was something serious to me and that I could venture on my own without the support of his site. In that sense, I normally tell people we’ve been around for two years.

If that’s the case, the date that I emailed Keith Lapinig and decided that we were starting a podcast, whatever it would be called, was truly the date this site started. We pride ourself on the podcast/radio show and we made sure that it was really the center of everything we did. Sure we have other stuff happening, but overall, the most work every week goes into the podcast. We named the site after it for that reason. Over the last two years, we’ve had myself, Keith, Angie, Ryan, Alexia, Caitlin, and some others contribute to the site. I’m sure we will have others in the future, in fact, I know we will as I have talked to a few inspired folks in the last week or so. For now though, I wanted to give my thoughts on some of my favorite posts out of the 500+ now available. I’ll share the links and my reasoning as well:

The World That Never Was: Epcot (part 1) – This post was my first big undertaking. It was a project I felt that I really had to go in depth on. I knew it had been special to Walt Disney and it held a special place in Disney History. For that reason it became a two part post with part 1 about Walt’s dream of a Utopian city of tomorrow. I really enjoyed writing and researching this post and it was probably my most serious post in terms of fully committing to writing about and researching all things Disney.

The World That Never Was: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – I think this post, like the Epcot post, pushed me to grow my own site and not write for anyone else. I have no ill will with Lou Mongello or anyone at WDW Radio, but my decision to leave and start up Modern Mouse Radio is because I didn’t want censorship. If you don’t know, Lou Mongello’s site is based on all things Disney and truly emphasizes the good about Disney. Rarely is there a word or muttering about Universal Studios or anything outside of the Disney Brand. So here I was with my post on why Disney didn’t capture the glory that could have been Harry Potter in a Disney park. It shed bad light on the Disney positivity in some way, despite me thinking that I was just telling the story straight forward. It became my first post that I wrote for WDW Radio that never made it onto the site. I had been censored so I felt it was time for me to turn the corner and really show what I had to give on my own.

Modern Mouse Radio #7: Armchair Imagineers w/ Matt Parrish – In starting the podcast side of the site, I really turned to my friends Nate and Matt at Wedway Radio. They walked me through what to do, where to go, and how to do the simplest of tasks. They were always super kind to me and I have been a guest on their podcast twice now and I do consider them, not only inspiration for Modern Mouse Radio, but also great friends within this community of Disney lovers. Having Matt be our first guest on Modern Mouse and playing along with what would become our signature series for the podcast was a blast. We still didn’t know exactly what we were doing at that point in time and the quality of audio definitely lagged but I had such a great time recording that show and Matt brought his A game to the table!

Modern Mouse Radio #11:  Interview with Disney Legend Rolly Crump and Jeff Heimbuch –  Two things happened on this show. We gained a friendship with Jeff Heimbuch who is someone I still turn to from time to time to answer off the wall questions, and we got to justify our reasoning in starting a podcast. Rolly Crump has worked on some of my favorite things at Disneyland and he would be considered one of my favorite people to ever work for the Disney company period. Getting the chance to talk with Rolly and hear his stories first hand was a pleasure and an experience I’ll never forget.

Modern Mouse Radio #34: Interview with Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit –  Like Rolly, talking with Gary was a pleasure, but in a totally different way. He had written the Roger Rabbit books and was there for every conversation and idea tossed out about the Roger Rabbit film and attraction. Talking with him about how the book turned into a film and his involvement with the Disney company in the 1980s and ’90s was amazing to listen to. He is truly a cartoon himself and you can see so much of Roger’s personality in him. I hope to talk with Gary in the future and would consider him someone that I really hope does well in all of his future projects. He is a one of a kind, great guy.

Top 5: Life Lessons You Shouldn’t Learn From Snow White – Top 5 lists have become a serious staple of the Modern Mouse site. They are the most popular style of article ever and I put tons of heart into the ones I write. This was also my chance to get away from being serious and to have fun with some silly lists. For any casual person who asks me what our site is all about, I point them to a few things. This post is one of them. I want people to see the funny side of Modern Mouse because we definitely have that side and we try to show it as often as we can. Hopefully everyone else thinks this is a good representation of that!

Disney Trip Planning: Finding the Perfect Ear Hat – Angie approached me with this idea to make a chart one of her posts for Trip Planning. I didn’t fully understand as I thought one picture wasn’t really a trip planning type of post, but once she showed me I was all ears (puns!) and I trusted her with this 100% of the way. She got what we were doing when she joined our crew at Modern Mouse and this is the epitome of what we are through one of her posts.

Chester and Hester #1 –  Don’t ask how or why because it’s a long and weird story. Angie and I basically got this idea that we were both artists and cartoonists at heart. So we put our brains together to come up with a Disney based web comic. Chester and Hester was loosely based on Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland and we thought that there was enough backstory to start the comic but definitely not enough backstory to where we couldn’t put our own spin on things. Site visitors told us what they liked by continuously visiting the site to see more. We cranked out a handful for the first few months but I can’t wait to get back to the adventures of these two theme park wanna-be owners.

Disney Character Trivia: Ariel – After a few months of doing the podcast together, it was obvious that Keith knew tons about Disney characters and he was all about saving their integrity. The history of these characters, how they were created, and what they represent was intriguing and I’m glad that Keith put his knowledge to use and started his Disney Character Trivia series because these videos are my favorite and I think they got hime one or two views over on YouTube as well.

Hope you enjoyed a look back at some of these posts. I will have Keith and Angie also contribute some of their favorite things we’ve done and post those later. Enjoy these for now!

Josh Taylor
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