Top 5: Characters That Really Got Screwed in Disney Animated Films

In your average Disney animated film, the good guy revels in glory by the end, and the villain gets what was coming to him. It’s pretty black and white in MOST films. Animation tends to play on this theme due to it’s easy approach to children and the moral that comes with these stories. However, if you dig a little deeper into some of these stories, the good guy doesn’t always get what he wants and the villain may not be as bad as we had all thought. Also, we have numerous supporting characters. We don’t even consider what happens to them! Well, I’m here to shed some light on these characters that got it bad for no reason. So here are my top 5 characters that really got screwed in Disney animated films.


#5-Kenai. I’m all for learning lessons. Kenai’s tom-foolery cost his brother his life, and he went tracking the bear he considered the killer. Thinking about it, it would be something a majority of people would do. If a shark kills someone, we usually go after it even if we were treading on it’s territory. We usually put wild animals in the wrong before people. Here is where Kenai gets screwed. The ominous spirits turn him into a bear to take care of the cub that is orphaned when Kenai kills his mother. Holy cow! That’s the most drastic lesson to be learned situation ever. Top that off with Phil Collins saddest songs ever playing in the background and your brother now hunting you down. I would say you are having a pretty rough day! By the end, Kenai has a decision to make. Become human again and orphan the cub you just got stuck with or stay a bear and not be able to do people things again or be a part of the tribe. Seriously? No matter the outcome, he gets screwed! Where is the good guy getting his glory?

screwed 1

#4-Tarzan. Tarzan’s story gets more depressing as I think about it. Tarzan was happy living in the jungle with the apes. Then the white man comes and screws up everything like always. All of a sudden, the joyous, easy going life of Tarzan becomes complicated. He is forced to join society, but not like how Mowgli joins society. Mowgli will be accepted because he is still a boy and people take care of children in that type of situation. Tarzan, no matter how good his English gets, or how well he dresses, will not be accepted as anything more than a freak. Despite all of this, he falls in love and he can’t possibly choose between one side ore the other. His becomes too complicated when he was perfectly happy skateboarding through jungle trees. So he has a choice, lose love to stay with his family in the jungle, or walk into society with Jane, but as a freak of nature. Why couldn’t we just leave him alone and he would have been much happier. I assume the same will happen to Big Foot when we find him!

screwed 2

#3-Jiminy Cricket. Jiminy was just a hobo looking for a place to warm up in the cold of the night. Then all of a sudden a giant glowing fairy gives him a job with no pay. He’s homeless! Clearly his clothes tell us this, and all you can do is give him a new pair of clothes and tell him to look after a wooden boy or he will be in trouble! Also he has to look after a boy who literally has no idea what the world is like and at any second can go from walking to school to smoking cigars with a donkey boy from hell? Not only that, he is a cricket that is forced by wood to swim through the ocean only to get swallowed by a whale. What for? Recognition from a fairy? No money? No long term security? All he ever wanted was to warm up!

screwed 3

#2-Smee. It’s not known how the pirates of Neverland got there, but of all of the creatures living in this wonderful place, Smee really has it hard! Smee plays slave to Captain Hook, a man that could shank you with his hook hand at any moment. He is constantly yelled at for no reason other than Captain Hook knowing that he can just bully him around. Smee can’t leave the ship either as almost everyone on the island wants to kill pirates. So he is stuck playing slave Captain fighting off Lost Boys and Indians. At best he is seen as a stooge by everyone in Neverland, even the rest of the crew on the ship doesn’t take him seriously. I’m sorry Smee!

screwed 4

#1-The Hyenas. The Lion King’s Hyenas get tortured more than anyone else in my memory. Mufasa tells Simba to treat everyone with respect and use your power fairly, but Mufasa banishes the Hyenas away to a graveyard with no food to eat. Very concentration camp style! They only join Scar when he offers them food. They are basically forced into working with Scar because they don’t want to die amongst the bones which they now have to call home. When Scar becomes king, they are his minions, most likely out of fear that he will banish them back to the graveyard. So what happens to the hyenas once Simba becomes king? They are sent away again. Probably just to starve and die. All they wanted was their promised place in Mufasa’s circle of life. Not to get wrapped up in some lion family drama. Poor hyenas.

Let me know your thoughts on these characters and if you see eye to eye with me or if you disagree. Any other characters who have gotten screwed? Put your comments down below to keep the conversation going.

Josh Taylor


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