Disney Trip Planning: Disneyland May 2014 Trip Report Part 8 – Last Days in Disneyland & DTD


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May 8th, 2014

Adventureland was closed off for the Early Morning Magic Hours, which stunk because we felt like we wasted our early morning. But, Angie WAS able to get a Dole Whip and the cast member gave her this button!!!:


Regardless, we got some coffee and went to New Orleans Square for beignets. We rode Haunted Mansion and grabbed Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain because Indiana Jones was still closed for refurbishment and not scheduled to reopen until May 9th. Regarding Indy, we were told it might open for a “soft opening” a day early, so we were gambling on the hope that it was. We spent our morning petting goats in Frontierland and riding Space Mountain twice in a row.


Then we saw Captain EO and realized how much better 3-D technology had gotten. We planned on getting my grandmother Captain EO merchandise, but it was long gone since last summer.


We met the Fairy Godmother spontaneously out in front of the Wishing Well.


That reminded us that we’d never gotten any Engagement photos in front of the Wishing Well where I had proposed on the first night. We went to the Photopass kiosk and asked if any photographers would be there taking pictures. They told us no Photopass Photographers took pictures over there and that they couldn’t offer any private sessions. A photographer on his break overheard and offered to take us over there and take our pictures anyway. It was such a magical experience. His name was Ben. Thanks Ben! He gave us some of the best shots we got for the whole trip.




We got a picture with Donald and Daisy. Daisy saw our “Just Engaged” Buttons and grabbed Angie’s hand to look at her ring. She showed it to Donald and pointed at him and put her hands on her hips and tipped her head to the side in disappointment. Donald shrugged.  It was very cute.


Next up was Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I hadn’t seen it as an adult and Angie had never seen it so it was a treat. Truthfully. I can’t remember what he said because I was so drawn to the robotics and likeness of it. I can see why my grandfather through it was so fantastic and dragged me on it multiple times during each trip we took as a family to Disneyland when I was a kid.

In the afternoon we saw the Enchanted Tiki Room show by the Dole Whip stand. It’s a show I love seeing. It always makes me think of how excited Walt Disney was to show off his bird show.



We checked in at Indiana Jones and it still wasn’t open. We decided on a burrito dinner at our favorite in-park spot, the Rancho Del Zocalo.


After eating, Angie went to the bathroom and I overheard someone say Indy had opened. When Angie came out of the bathroom, I said “Guess what I just heard…” and she immediately said “IT’S OPEN” and we made a B line to the attraction without saying another word to each other until we got there. We were excited, to say the least, as were many others who got in line. People were cheering and taking pictures for the reopening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. We were able to get two rides in on it with little wait.

Before park closing, we sat out front of Sleeping Beauty castle at sunset and had some popcorn. Then we got our picture taken in front of it before nightfall.


Our last hour or so was spent in Fantasyland.


We wandered through the sword shop and through the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Secret spy photos!:


Our last 2 rides were in Fantasyland with Pinnochios Daring Journey and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. It was a great way to end our vacation in the parks. On our way out, we said “thank you and goodnight” to the light in Walt’s apartment and headed to our hotel room.




Keep reading under Josh’s signature for our day in Downtown Disney!

Josh Taylor

May 9, 2014

Our shuttle was scheduled to pick us up in the afternoon, so we decided to spend the last morning in Downtown Disney and Hotel hopping. In the early morning, we browsed all the hotels and their gift shops.


We shopped around and got some great souvenirs from the Wonderland Gallery. Instead of buying prints, we bought some postcards and found $1 frames at the Dollar Tree when we got home to frame them on our wall. The artist’s name is El Gato Gomez. We are both a huge fan of attraction poster art, so these were a perfect fit for us. I also got an It’s a Small World mug for my father, because he has loved that attraction since he saw it at the 1964 NY World’s Fair.


We couldn’t pass up a snack at Tortilla Joe’s one last time, so we shared the guacamole bowl. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!


We walked around the shops and took lots of pictures! World of Disney, D-Street, Build A Bear, The LEGO Store, etc. etc.





Hey I saw Flip!


We ended up sharing a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich as a late lunch and sat by the entrance to the parks and watch all the happy people going into the parks for about an hour or so. We were very jealous until we saw the bus loads and bus loads of school groups entering. Ay-yi-yi! There was hundreds of them!

Josh was very sad to be leaving.


The shuttle on the way back to the airport was anticlimactic. Everything went smoothly and our flight was on time. We arrived back and home and Josh’s parents picked us up and brought the puppies! It is hard to come back to reality after being on a Disney vacation, but coming back to puppy kisses really eases the pain.



Angie Carreiro
Disneyland May 2014 Trip Report
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