Top 5: Ideas for Disneyland’s 60th Celebration I Just Came Up With

2015 marks Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, or as Disney is calling it, the Diamond Anniversary. There are plans currently underway to remodel many of Fantasyland’s attractions with upgrades. Beyond this, there hasn’t been anything announced as of yet (Aug. 8th, 2015) and I have been thinking about what could make the year wonderful. Truthfully I have no idea what could be coming to Disneyland’s 60th year but I do hope that some of my ideas can make it off the chopping block. Here are my top 5 ideas for Disneyland’s 60th Celebration that I just came up with.


#5-The return of the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival. Before the overhaul of Disney’s California Adventure, spring time meant the annual California Food and Wine Festival. When the park put up the construction walls the festival went away. It’s last rendition was in 2010. Many, including myself, continued to see if it would make it’s return once Buena Vista Street and Cars Land opened but it has yet to be. A renovated 2015 Food and Wine festival for the spring could be a great restart to the annual event. Now with a more solidified park, it would be nice to see additions yearly,like Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. DCA is the perfect avenue for this festival since California has so many great foods growing in it’s soil and some of the world’s best wines coming from the area as well. Come on Disney!

#4-Vintage 1955 Disneyland merchandise rollout. We’ve been seeing more and more vintage style merchandise coming out over the last several years and it’s selling. Seeing some 1955 original shirts and merchandise would be nice to see for the diamond celebration. During Epcot’s 30th anniversary, we saw tons of 1982 logos and I’d like to see the same for Disneyland. Attraction specific stuff would be great as well, especially for the 1955 originals as well as some of the New York World’s Fair stuff. I think we would all buy something like this. Just keep your 2015 merchandise away from me.

60th 1

#3-Oswald the Lucky Rabbit comes to Disneyland. Japan has been home to a very long line to see Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Like we are talking Anna and Elsa long lines. It’s incredible. Disney took back ownership of the character in 2006 and since then they have sold a ton of Oswald ears, shirts, and other merchandise at the parks, but they have yet to introduce him as a meet and greet character in the States. Meanwhile, freakishly long lines are happening in Japan. I think the Diamond Anniversary is the time to announce Oswald as a meet and greet, either on Buena Vista Street in front of Oswald’s shop or over at Disneyland in Toon Town. Wouldn’t we all like to get a lucky rabbit hug?

#2-The announcement of  renovations coming to Tomorrowland. Anyone who has been to Disneyland in the past 5 to 10 years can tell you that the park needs the most work in one area and that’s Tomorrowland. The Peoplemover/Rocket Rods haven’t worked in years. Michael Jackson’s Captain EO far outstayed it’s welcome despite certain fan love. (Sorry Guy Selga!) Red Rocket’s Pizza Port is probably the worst pizza on property. What I’m getting at here is that an announcement to remodel Tomorrowland, Star Wars theme or not, would be greatly appreciated by the general public. I had my own ideas on how to remodel Tomorowland (read abut it here) but even if they announced nothing except that “Changes Were Coming” I would be okay with that. Maybe we will see this happening at the D23 Expo in August.

60th 2

#1-A summer of Date Night at Disneyland. Long time Disney historians know about a special time at Disneyland when the evenings belonged to lovers. Back when you bought ticket books for attractions, a night time version was available after a certain hour. Certain nights of the summer, titled Date Night at Disneyland, would feature live music from big bands to dance to and attraction books dedicated to the event. Clearly we don’t buy tickets to ride attractions anymore, but I do think bringing back an event like Date Night at Disneyland would be fun. Big Thunder Ranch is a perfect area for a big band or some type of dancing band. (Not a DJ Dance Party!) Lighting the area with some lights and making it a bit more romantic wouldn’t be overly difficult. If marketed well, this would be a great night out for local couples or couples visiting from out of town.

Any ideas you’d add to the list? What are you most looking forward to at Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary? Will you make the trip and when will you go if you do? Leave your thoughts and comments below to keep this post and conversation going!

Josh Taylor


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  1. Oswald is long overdue in California Adventure. Would be a great birthday present from Disney.

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