Disney Trip Planning: Disneyland May 2014 Trip Report Part 7-Day 4-California Adventure


Hey gang, it’s Josh and I’m taking over this week for Angie as she is a workaholic. Last week we discussed our first day at California Adventure. It was Angie’s first time ever in the park and it was my first since the remodel. We had walked into that park with an idea of what we wanted to do but we weren’t as familiar with the park as we were with Disneyland. On our 2nd day in the park, we felt like we had a much better understanding. Having learned from our previous day, we got to the park early and lined up to the left hand side of the giant group centered in Carthay Circle Theater and we were ready to be in line for Fastpasses to Radiator Springs Racers and get them, at what we thought, was a faster pace. We had waited 30 minutes the previous day and we were looking forward to shortening that. When the park opened, the chaos of finding our spot in line turned into what looked like a riot. I have to hand it to the cast members that deal with the morning crowds who want to get on the gem of Cars Land. They deal with some crazy people.


So after being confused, misunderstood, and almost trampled we lost our place in line to get our Fastpass and we were back to where we were the day before if we wanted to hop in that line again. Across from us near the Storytellers Statue (The statue of a younger Walt and Mickey!) was Mickey Mouse in his 1920s outfit just standing by himself because everyone was in line for Radiator Springs Racers. So we opted against the line and decided that we would get to it later in the day. The first thing we did with our day was take a photo with Mickey Mouse. I had brought my old (and I mean like 1989 old) autograph book that I had dug up from my parent’s attic when I helped them remodel their home. After pictures we had Mickey sign the book and he recognized that the book was older and pointed out that I had Scrooge McDuck’s name in there too. He gave me the thumbs up and a warm hug. I wish everyday started like that!




I had proven to Angie that World of Color (WoC) was something we needed to see twice so we made our way to get our Fastpasses next. I mean we were pros at this point so it was no big deal. On our way though Condor Flats towards the WoC fastpass, we saw a line forming by an old prop plane. When we came back, Minnie Mouse was meeting guests in her flight attendant outfit. So we dropped what we were doing and got in line to meet her! On our way back to Buena Vista Street we saw Pluto in his 1920s outfit meeting with guests so we once again stopped and got some photos, an autograph, and a warm hug.



We had spent the first hour of our day giving hugs to animated cartoon characters and we couldn’t be more proud of that. However, it was time to get on with the show. We walked over to Hollywood Land and jumped into the Animation Building where we checked out some of the stuff to do there. We saw the awesome zoetrope where you see Toy Story characters in model form start to spin and as they spin it becomes animated and it feels as though your eyes are tricking you. Also, we tried to charge Josh’s phone up a bit because they had some secret plugs by the garbage cans.


Then we headed over to one of our favorite attractions from the day before, Mike and Sully to the Rescue. If you haven’t been on this, let me tell you that dark ride style attractions can still be amazingly engaging and extremely popular. I had ridden this on previous trips to DCA and this was a can-not-miss attractions for me and will be on trips in the future. After this it was about lunch time and since we were experts we learned that the best place for food in DCA was at Boudin Bakery. We ordered one of their majestic bread bowls to share and it was awesome once again. From here we made our way to Paradise Pier and picked up a Fastpass for California Screamin’. Instead of getting in line for Toy Story Midway Mania though, we opted to take a peek at some other spots along the Pier. Angie needed new sunglasses because her other ones broke and we picked up a pair in a greatly themed shop.  We took in some scenery and got some great photos before heading back and turning in our Fastpasses. (They were up within 20 minutes!) We opted for the front row as this was going to be our last time riding it. Angie decided to film the ride along but she accidentally pointed the camera downward for most of the ride. Not her fault as she was just really enjoying the attraction. I was able to snap a shot right before you launch off and it turned out to be one of my best shots.


We then headed for Goofy’s Sky School, a mouse style coaster and not a type of ride I’m usually fond of but since this attraction was Mulholland Madness, I wanted to ride it and it was definitely enjoyable. We went over to the Little Mermaid store and shopped around (the attraction was closed) before we made our way back to Cars Land. We had neglected Luigi’s Flying Tires the day before since we were so excited for the Racers attraction. This was our opportunity to ride it. Due to the popularity of Radiator Springs Racers, this had almost no line and was such a fun little treat. One of my favorite rides in the park.IMG_20140507_141738


It was about time for the afternoon Pixar Play parade and we were excited to go see it. We grabbed some corn from a stand we had visited the day before. (Chili Lime Corn! Yum!) and we took a squat out in front of the Animation Building. We really wanted to just see Art from Monsters University but sat through the majority of the parade. Near the end we snuck our way towards Cars Lad through Bugs Land and saw that, due to the  parade, the line for Racers was significantly smaller. The single rider line was only a 15 minute wait so we opted in to do that. We hoped that we would somehow get paired in the same car but it wasn’t meant to be. We still had a great time as you don’t really need to talk with anyone during that ride.

Afterwards we decided that we needed to earn our Wilderness Explorer badges over at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. After seeing how crowded with little kids it was, we opted to just few pictures of the beautiful area. A Photopass photogragher said she was waiting for Dug and Russel from to come out and we got super excited. While we waited, the photographer noticed that we had just gotten engaged and offered to take some pictures of us in the area. Some of them really turned out to be our favorites on the trip. We waited around for a while but Dug never came out. Russel joined a show that was happening but we never got involved. Instead, we hung out on Buena Vista street and walk shops. We window shopped and took mental notes of the tings we really loved and didn’t love about Disney merchandise. We also stopped by the Tough to be a Bug theater which was not screening the regular attraction. Instead they were showcasing a 10 minute preview of Maleficent in 4D. We later went to see the movie at our local theater and are said to say that it didn’t live up to awesome preview.


As the sun started to set, we headed back to the Pacific Wharf. I got a tofu chow mein dish that was pretty good and very affordable from Lucky Fortune Cookery.We got to the pier almost an hour early to line up for better seating for Wold of Color. We were almost up front and while we waited, we played the Mickey Fun Wheel game which is kind of like the old electronic Simon Says. The show was epic and wonderful just like the night before. We out things we thought we had missed in the show before and afterwards, stuck around to take in the beauty of the pier and just enjoy our last taste of this wonderful park. It was bittersweet because we knew that tomorrow was our last real day at the Disneyland parks.




As we headed out of the park we stopped at Tortilla Jo’s where we split some food before they closed. We felt bad as they were closing but I was definitely hungry. We ate fast and didn’t outstay our welcome. We made our way back to the hotel and called it a night. The next day would be our last at the Disneyland park so we knew we needed the rest as we wanted to enjoy that day to it’s fullest extent.

Josh Taylor


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