Top 5: Disney Songs You Totally Forgot About

When you think of classic Disney tunes, it’s easy to think of songs like “A Whole New World”, “Circle of Life”, or even “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” Those are all classic songs that don’t leave you once you’ve heard them. However, I’d admit that there are songs that I hear and forget, but when I hear them again I think of how magical all of them are. These songs are sometimes from popular films that we’ve all seen one hundred times or it couldn’t be that hidden gem in a rarely seen movie. Whatever the case may be, here are my top 5 Disney songs you totally forgot about.
Disney's Robin Hood

#5-“Not in Nottingham” (Robin Hood). A slow sad song can have great purpose in a film. It gives the viewer time to comprehend the tradgedy on screen and creates a mood fo the evenual uphill climb. Hearing a song like “Not in Nottingham”, you know this is probably the low point of the film for the characters involved and it indeed is. All of Sherwood Forest is pracitically in jail and the colors of the film have change to darker shades. It’s a very well put together scene in the film with an amazing song. Combine that with the folk-country style of Roger Miller during the height of the folk sound and you’ve got such a hit on your hands. Unfortunately time has not shown Robin Hood a good time and it’s become a lesser known film with an even lesser known soundtrack. It may have a comeback though as Mumford and Sons and Los Lobos have covered the song.

#4-“All the Cats Join In” (Make Mine Music). This great song fit into the package film Make Mine Music. It may not be a stand out Disney song, but it’s probably one of the greatest Swing songs during the 1940s Swing ear and it was composed by one of the Swing’s greatest band leaders, Benny Goodman. Goodman would later go on to perform the song at Disneyland on occasional Date Night and Disneyland evenings. It’s a great animated sequence as well as it’s simple enough with a hand continuing to draw the seecene on paper. The comedic timing and the teens dancing is all part of the fun and a real highlight of the package film.

Brother Bear

#3-“No Way Out” (Brother Bear). Did you see Brother Bear? Maybe not. It was one of those post Renaissance films that just didn’t resonate with a wide audience. my advice is to get on Netflix and see this film as it actually is powerful and touching. No song does a better job of explaining that than “No Way Out”. Phil Collins reprises his Disney collaboration for the soundtrack and he does a great job of making you feel the pain these characters go through. Like “Not in Nottingham”, this song is that low point, but unlike our #5 song, it’s the turning point for everyone as well and we see that misfortune turn into something positive. Thanks Phil Collins.

#2-“Down in New Orleans” (Princess and the Frog). A return to two dimensional and classic animation and a return to a princess film brought us a great jazz soundtrack. Sadly, the audience that loved to see Disney movies wouldn’t return to the theater in droves until the following year to see Tangled. Princess and the Frog’s opening number delivers on giving this film a great feel. It drops you right in the French Quarter of New Orleans and you feel as though you already know the town once you’ve delved into the plot. Written by Pixar maestro Randy Newman and sang by NOLA native Dr. John, ti’s a song most peolle don’t remember due to not seeing the film or if they have seen it, not standing out as much as many of the later songs, but trust me, you should give this one another listen.


#1-“Give a Little Whistle” (Pinocchio). The first motion picture soundtrack for purchase was that of Pinocchio. Every song on it is classic. I mean it’s soundtrack has generated a song that is played at the beginning of every single Disney film. I believe, however, that “Give a Little Whistle” gets tucked away behind all of the other songs we know from the film. The song boasts the upbeat ideals of Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket working as a team. It’s a great song that gives us all hope and promise that we have someone to lean on.

Any songs you love that didn’t make the list? Leave a comment with it and telling me why it should have made the list.

Josh Taylor


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  1. I remember ‘Not in Nottingham’ as well as ‘Give a Little Whistle’.

  2. even after seeing the titles & refrence to the PART of the movie the only ones that came back to be are down in new orleans & give a little whistle… … …i haven’t seen robin hood in easily 20 years so that one is understandabe… … …brother bear was not something that made me think MEMORABLE SONGS… … …that other movie i never even heard of

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