Disney Wedding Planning Journal #4: July 17, 2014 (How We Settled on a Budget)


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priority6Most, if not every person planning a wedding is following some sort of a budget. In Josh and my case, our budget is set on the low end. No, seriously, I mean the LOW end. Like, I read a statistic a while back that said something along the lines of, “The average wedding in 2012 cost $29,000.” Um… WHAT!? I plan on spending a tiny fraction of that on everything including wedding ceremony, travel to and from Florida, Massachusetts, and Colorado, 2 wedding receptions, and a honeymoon! And notice that said “average.” I know people who got married recently for much less than that, so that means there are people who got married for much MORE than that, as well! I’d like to know where they are getting all of that extra disposable income, because let me tell you Josh and I work our butts off at our full-time jobs and the thought of spending more than $10,000 on a single-day-long event (or in our case a month-ish long combo of events) is crazy!priority

Don’t get me wrong, I see the significance in a wedding being one of the most important days in someone’s life, and I feel that way about it in my own life, but you can get that special day without feeling like you need to buy the $10 per invitation card design instead of printing invites yourselves because it must be more special if it costs more and you can’t settle on ANYTHING cheaper on your wedding day or you’ll regret it forever and ever because the invitations are the most important thing at that moment in your planning stage. I am guilty of doing that in other aspects of my life, but Josh and I are trying to have self control when it comes to planning the wedding, I mean, it’s a lot different going overboard on something like groceries one week because you were craving a meal that would cost an extra $10-$20, as opposed to spending an extra $2,000 because you had the most expensive option of wedding shoes shoved in your face before any other shoes and now think those HAVE to be the ones. It’s easy to get carried away and want to spend and add on everything because “it’s the only time in your life you’ll ever be able to A, B, and C,” but the less expensive options might be just as good. priority9

So, how did we decide on a number for OUR budget? Well, we sat down and talked about it, like we do with everything. First we made a priority list, which was probably the most helpful thing we did, and you can see that here. We’ve both planned and thrown parties, and decided the 2 receptions (one in MA and one in CO) were going to be like 2 bigger, fancier parties instead of super wedding-ish. That started to narrow down things. Then, we priced the things that were inevitable; we are getting married in WDW and want the photo package they do in the parks, so everything else would be based off of that. That means things like the package itself, plane tickets, hotel room, park tickets, and things like that didn’t give us too much wiggle room were sort of set in stone(other than the fact that we could choose between moderate, value, and deluxe resorts and had a choice of wedding packages). We went with the Escape package (which I will get into more detail about in another post) which is the the cheapest package Disney offers and includes ceremony-only, the couple and 4 guests, and some little extra “enhancements.” That package starts at $2,500 plus some fees and tax, unless you add-on stuff which we don’t plan on doing. priority8

After we figured out what was most important to us as a couple as far as the ceremony and honeymoon, what was left was coming up with a number that would include those figures and leave us money to buy other wedding-y things like rings & engraving, a wedding dress, tux, a spa day, hair & make-up, reception venues & food, etc. etc. etc. We “window” shopped and got some average prices on things and figured out what was a reasonable budget for us to spend on those things without feeling like we were just “settling” on something because it was cheaper.

53008560075The number we ultimately came up with was, as you may have guessed, $10,000 (which I still feel like is too much, but includes a WDW vacation which usually costs a couple thousand in itself). Don’t forget the average wedding in 2012 was $29,000 and that DIDN’T include honeymoon. Now the challenge will be to stay in budget.

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