Disney Trip Planning: Disneyland May 2014 Trip Report Part 5 – Breakfast at Storytellers Cafe

IMAG0067May 6th was my birthday, so we wanted to do something a bit special and out of the ordinary for both of us during our Disney Vacation; a character breakfast. Looking into the Disneyland Character Dining options, it appeared as though the Storytellers Cafe located inside of the Grand Californian Resort Hotel would give the breakfast option of doing either the buffet or choosing from the menu, so we chose that one.

IMG_20140509_125338Upon meeting our waitress, though, we realized the menu was not an option and were forced to pay for the $30 per person buffet, which wasn’t too bad, but a little disappointing. We pushed the thought of the cost into the back of our minds, though, and just decided to have fun and go with it.

IMG_20140506_082823I have to say, we did have a lot of fun, and I am glad we did it, but I probably wouldn’t do it again. For anyone who hasn’t done character dining, usually there’s a theme of characters; princesses, Mickey and Friends, or, in this case, woodland-type characters. They come around to your table one by one throughout the meal and take pictures, chat (if they are face-characters), and take pictures with you if you have your own camera. We saw Meeko from Pocahontas (but he didn’t come to our table), Kenai from Brother Bear, Brer Bear from Song of the South/Splash Mountain, Chip, and Dale. I’ve also read seeing Pluto sometimes happens. They broke up breakfast here and there by doing conga lines and having kids dance and such. IMG_20140506_080657

Our best character interaction was with Kenai. He was nothing like I remember him from the movie, which we had just watched a couple weeks before our trip, because he was dancing and jumping around and just super excited in general about life. Because characters with full on fur costumes can’t talk through the mask and they don’t have handlers at character breakfasts, Kenai couldn’t tell us that he wasn’t able to sign our autograph book. Instead he just pawed at it, so we thought he wanted a pen. Instead he just tried to signal in other ways that he couldn’t sign and Josh figured it out and said “Ohhhh you can’t. Becuase you have paws. Because you chose to be a bear. Way to go.” Then Josh asked where Koda was and Kenai full on jumped on the ground and started to pretend to swim and catch and eat fish! Also, Brer Bear signed our autograph book so I don’t know why he couldn’t. I mean his costume had flat paws, but if they are worried about character integrity then how come Chip and Dale were just as big as Kenai… just saying.

IMG_20140506_085207Anyway! As far as food goes, it was typical Disney buffet food; pancakes, waffles, some fruit, bagels, breakfast meats, etc. Nothing very exciting or special, but I try to think of it as more of being an experience instead of a good meal. Also, our waitress was very nice and Josh liked her a lot. Her name was Yu-Lan and she was super cute and brought us both a cupcake for my birthday. IMG_20140506_085837

I would definitely recommend this dining experience to others, ESPECIALLY if you have kids. Even at $30 per person for adults, it is still considerably cheaper than a lot of the other character dining experiences and probably much less popular which means you have more of a chance of finding an open reservation when booking at the last minute!


Angie Carreiro
Disneyland May 2014 Trip Report
Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Planning Journal



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