Top 5: Angie’s Favorite Disney Collectibles

As two Disney fanatics who have come together to form a super powered Disney fanatic bi-force, Josh and I have tons, and I means TONS of Disney merchandise. But just like with children, you pretend you love them all equally, but you secretly, and sometimes not-so-secretly have favorites. So, what are my Top 5 favorite collectors items I have in my collection? Well, let me tell you!


5. Signed Photo of Richard Sherman – The Sherman Brothers are 2 of my favorite Disney legends. I mean, their songs defined my childhood. I will cherish this photograph until the day I die!


4. Framed Replicas of Disney Attraction Posters – These are something Josh and I just started collecting (I got them for him for his birthday), but have wanted for a while. So far we have 11×17’s of the Disneyland opening ceremony poster, Peter Pan’s Flight, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Adventureland featuring the Jungle Cruise, and one of the Holiday version – Jungle Jungle Cruise.


3. Mickey & Minnie “Plane Crazy” lamp with Pins – I’m not a huge pin collector, but I like having them on this lamp as a conversation piece!


2. Tower of Terror “Idol” Figurine – Keith got this for Josh and I when he went to Disney Sea in Tokyo. The Idol is from their version of the Tower of terror, which is a little different from ours since The Twilight Zone isn’t as popular of a show their, and therefore not relevant.


1. I love Josh with all my heart, and that’s why I am marrying him! Anything he gets me from a cup of coffee, to an engagement ring is special to me because it means he was thinking about me when he got him. Make that “something” a “Disney something” and it’s value goes up a little bit and that’s why Any Disney Collectable from Josh is my #1 favorite Disney Collectable!

What are some of your favorite Disney items in your collection? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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