Disney Wedding Planning Journal #3: June 18, 2014 (Vintage Bride on Budget)


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Two of the most common themes of Josh and my wedding planning is “Vintage Inspired” and “On a Budget.” If you look in all the right places (like  Ebay, Etsy, and hours of searching on other online sites along with thrift shopping) you can complete a beautiful bridal look for just a few hundred dollars. I know because that’s what I’ve done! So, here are my pieces!

The Veil –

I just purchased this veil (sans the feathers) on Ebay, but you can find similar ones on Etsy and at Craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Micheal’s, Joanne’s Fabrics, etc. for around the same price! – $9.99





The Gloves –

I decided to do lace gloves for a vintage look. It took me some weighing options to decide if I really wanted to do gloves and not buy a bracelet and I thought it to be best because I am not-so-secretly hoping a bracelet to be “something borrowed” or “something old.” I found these on Ebay as well – $1.32


The Shoes –

I have not purchased these yet, but I am 95% sure I will be picking these. Amazon.com – $71 (including shipping)


The Dress –

This one is the hardest decision. I found this one on Ebay that I just fell in love with and can’t find any other that I love anymore, even when trying others on. I will be purchasing it next month if I don’t find something I like more! (Note: I originally wanted to do tea-length, but after trying on dresses, the shorter ones just didn’t make me feel like a bride or princess, which I really wanted. The longer dresses gave me that feeling, so I decided to go with those!) If you decide to buy online like this, make sure you buy from a seller within your country, otherwise you will be paying some hefty extra hidden fees!- Ebay – $150



So there it is. A complete Bridal look for under $300. Of course now there are the costs of hair and make-up x2 (for the bridal portrait shoot in Epcot and ceremony) and undergarments! But it will at least be under $1000 in the end and many brides spend that or more on just the dress!




I also am getting this necklace from Etsy and the seller is painting one of the flower bunches a pale pink for me! – $17


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  1. Congratulations to you and Josh! JJ told me about your site, and it looks like you have made major progress in planning a gorgeous wedding in a month! Oh, and love love love your dress!

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