Top 5: More Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed

Last June, I posted an article called Top 5: Ways to Know You’re Disney Obsessed and I’ve always thought of doing a follow up. One year later, I’ve found myself continuing to think of myself as Disney Obsessed and I’ve continued to show symptoms I didn’t even know existed last year when I wrote that first piece. So here I am in June of 2014 to share even more reasons to be a Disney-phile.


#5-You Think Netflix is just a reason to watch all of your favorite Disney films.Since Disney and Netflix reached a deal, a good amount of Disney titles have been added to Netflix, but for the Disney geek, this may be all they see. It’s a great way to see some of those films you newver saw or some of those titles you haven’t seen in years. Netflix also has some great original content as well but you’ve skimmed past that and it isn’t as impressive as watching The Aristocats for the 4th time this month.

#4-Your Instagram Feed is Pictures of Disney Parks. I love Instagram. It’s my reason to take pictures with my phone and I’ve become somewhat of an amatuer photographer because of Instagram. While at Disneyland I took over 100 different photos and I now know that several million other people have to. It’s easy to fill up your feed with Disneyland and Walt Disney World photos and I’m sure so many people have.

obsessed 1

#3-You Anticipate the Cartoon Short Before a Disney or Pixar Animated Feature. In a world with the internet, we can know up to the minute information about everything. That goes for movies as well. We knew about Frozen’s release years before we even saw a trailer for the film. We also know what type of short cartoon is being worked on as well and who is working on it. Only the geekiest of Disney fans anticipates the cartoon and knows the names of the animators working on such a project but I can’t help but get excited to see who has a better short every year: Disney or Pixar?

#2-You Can Recite the Ghost Host Monologue. Since opening 45 years ago, the Haunted Mansion’s narrator has been spieling out the same monologue inside the foyer and portrait gallery. Upon my recent visit to Disneyland, I’ve learned that more than just a handful of people can recite the narration word for word and it happens with almost every group.I don’t know many of my friends at home that can recite even 3 words of this. At the park, there is a cult following of Haunted Mansion fans that literally live for the moment when they can watch the portraits extend and pretend they are the Ghost Host.

obsessed 2

#1-You Cry Hearing/Seeing Walt’s Opening Day Speech at Disneyland. I am a man that cries from time to time. I can admit that. Walking down Main Street and seeing Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty Castle gets me a little choked up, I can admit that too. Hearing Walt’s voice give his wonderful opening day speech has many in tears. Even reading the plaque of his speech can get some people going. I’ve heard it enough times in my life that it doesn’t phase me but I will admit to getting a little teary eyed when leaving Disneyland and seeing the light in the Firehouse window.

I’m sure that in a year from now, I will have even more ways but this is my current crop of Disney Obsessions you should know. Do you do any of these things? Do you know someone who does these things? Let me know in the comments below!

Josh Taylor


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