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Hello and welcome to Growing Up Disney! My name is Caitlin and starting now I’m going to share a couple articles a month focused on what Disney meant to each of us while growing up. Since each one of you reading grew up in their own unique environment and time, I’m really looking forward to featuring one person every month in sharing what Disney specifically meant to them as a kid. In addition, I’m going to be sharing some awesome nostalgic Disney items from my own childhood and beyond which I hope you all enjoy! From board games to toys to movies, I recently raided my attic and found some gems. So let’s get to it!

When I first started thinking about what item to feature first one thing immediately came to mind- Sing Along Songs Disneyland Fun. Literally, this VHS tape was a daily staple in my house. Released in 1990 as part of the Sing Along Songs series, Disneyland Fun was a live action sing along which featured classic Disney songs filmed in the park. Coming in at just under a half hour long, it was the perfect after school tape to watch while enjoying some Dunkaroos (or any other stereotypical 90’s snack). From those first chords of the introductory cartoon, I was transfixed.

The tape progresses through a typical day in Disneyland from opening to the fireworks finale every night. The first song, “Whistle While You Work,” shows all of the characters busy prepping the park for opening, and soon guests dressed in what can only be described as purely late 80’s/early 90’s fashion are streaming down Main Street. Highlights of the video include the Country Bears sharing their rendition of “The Great Outdoors,” a piano solo from Mickey himself in “I’m Walking Right Down The Middle Of Main Street, U.S.A,” and Mickey shooting fireworks style sparks out of his fingers for the finale. A real gem is also the “rap breakdown” in “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” which is really about as 90’s as you can get.

The best song however, hands down, is “Grim Grinning Ghosts” filmed on the lawn in front of the Haunted Mansion. There are dancing creepy trees, all your favorite villains and Donald decked out as a ghost with his butt sticking out of the sheet. As a kid, it was terrifying. As an adult, it’s pretty hilarious and enjoyable.

Several years ago, my nieces and nephews became old enough to start watching the tape, and much to my surprise I was able to find it on Amazon in DVD format (Sign Along Songs go modern!). Watching Disneyland Fun again twenty some years later is quite the experience, and it definitely brought back great memories from when I was a kid.

And that is just what Growing Up Disney is all about! Remembering all those awesome Disney touches from childhood that made every day special. I can’t wait to continue sharing other childhood Disney nostalgia and to start hearing your stories too. So definitely feel free to leave suggestions of anything from your Disney childhood that you would like to see mentioned!

Until next time, go watch Disneyland Fun on YouTube! An awesome user has it posted in three parts and it is worth every minute. Then let me know what your favorite part is in the comments!

Caitlin Corsello


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  1. Awesome article, such nostalgia! 🙂
    Coming from the UK, this was a staple for many of us, too, as Disney also released a Disneyland Paris version back then too! I still watch it before every trip I take, it has so many happy memories!!

    It’s a classic world wide, it seems! I’d definitely recommend checking out the DLP version on YT to mix it up! I love watching them both!

    I grew up watching those videos. I still have a video cassette player at home so I get to watch them anytime I want!!!!
    Seems like I’ll never be too old for Disney 😀

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