Disney Wedding Planning Journal #2: May 22, 2014 – Ceremony Priorities

53008560075Josh and I have both always said we didn’t have any particular details in mind that would go into our dream wedding before we met each other. The thing that we both agree on it is that the wedding isn’t just about you, so your ideas for a wedding are going to change depending on the person you are marrying. Of course most people have at least a basic idea of what they would want, but when you find the right person, that’s really when all of the details come together.

Because we both weren’t really set on an particular details to begin with, we decided to sit down with a list of options to put together for the actual wedding ceremony and put them in order of priority (a suggestion one of my very close friends who recently got married suggested!). Some items were obvious to put on the priority list, like the fact that we want to get married in Disney, but other things were harder to get lost in unless we started ranking them next to each other. Some things were also set prices and required in order to do other things we wanted (for example, the flight we take to get to Disney World is not ranked in priority because the price is kind of a set thing in consideration with our other #1 priority ie. getting married in Disney World, and driving doesn’t save any money!)

We also need to do the same list for the receptions in Colorado and Massachusetts, but we decided to consider all 3 things as 3 separate budgets so we aren’t ranking them together.

So first things first. We set an overall budget, but we aren’t 100% sure if the number we picked makes sense since we haven’t priced everything quite yet. Then we split the budget in to 2 amounts – 1 for the ceremony/honeymoon and 1 for the 2 receptions. Then we made a list of items that had variables and sat down together and put them in order of importance. Just because something was at the top of the list, didn’t mean we would spend more money on it, all that it meant was that we are going to make sure we get what we want more so than the things on the bottom of the list. The basic idea is that things lower on the list are left up to compromise (and sometimes it happened to be cheaper things, because I knew I didn’t have to worry about the costs). Also we are planning on making a lots of things ourselves, buying stuff slowly over the next year, and do a lot of bargain shopping (while still makinng sure we get what we really want).

The things we decided didn’t apply to a priority list were things with a set price or things that had to happen because of other things on our list, like: a marriage license, an officient, flights, food on the vacation, park tickets, and souvenirs.

The rest of the list is as follows in order of the most important (little to no compromise in getting exactly what we want) to least importance (we are still likely going to get/do those things, but may compromise on the exact details).

1. The Disney Fairy Tales Portrait Session – having professional engagement photos from our Disneyland trip is something we are going to cherish forever and I feel like same way (if not more-so) about the wedding photos. We met because of our love for Disney, so I really want to get our portraits taken in the parks (specifically EPCOT) with our wedding attire. This is the most important thing to me and luckily Josh agrees!


2. Having a Ceremony in Disney World (WDW) – this goes hand in hand with the portrait session. You can’t have the photos in the parks if you do not book a WDW Fairy Tale Wedding Package.

3.Rings/engraving – this is pretty obvious because they are something we are going to wear forever. I am not sure WHAT we are going to get engraved on them just yet, but that is important to us. We are leaning towards these rings, but want to shop around and make sure we don’t see something we like better (though I doubt we are going to like anything more!) We also need to find out if we can get these types of rings engraved, how much it would cost versus buying a ring and engraving it at the same place, if scratches will show up on the black ring, etc.

priority2 priority3

4.Tux/Suit – Josh wants to actually buy this instead of rent it, and he wants to custom design something that he really wants so that he can invest in something he loves and can use again! Every guy needs a nice suit!

5. My wedding dress – I definitely know I want a white dress, something with a full skirt (A-line), and lots of texture. I’ve found a few I absolutely love, but I am going to save that for a later post!

6. Hotel – we really want to stay in Port Orleans Riverside and don’t want to have to compromise for a value resort for this trip.


7. Wedding Night Dinner/Dessert – we would really like to splurge and have the dinner we want with our family right after the ceremony.

8. Mani/Pedi – I would like to do this with my mom and future and mother-in-law the day before the wedding, and I would like to treat them to it. This is a very important activity for me to do with them. It’s part of the whole experience for me.

9.Favors for Parents – It’s traditional to do special party favors for the wedding party, so we want to make sure we give them something special, too!

10. Hair – I want to get my and my mother and future mother-in-law’s hair done by someone we hire. My hair inspiration:



11. Ear Hats/Embroidering – this is something that Josh is letting me have because he doesn’t really want it, but agreed to it. I don’t want him to do something he doesn’t want to do, so I said we can just do it the day after in the parks and that’s it. I really just want them to be able to display at home for the most part anyway!


12. Veil – I am planning on making my own, but I know exactly what I want.

13. Shoes (bride) – The idea right now is buying shoes then decorating them myself!


14. Make-up – this will probably go along with the hair costs, but the make-up part isn’t as much of a necessity to me if it came to going with a cheaper option.

15. Shoes (groom) – Josh wants nice shoes but isn’t worried about finding the perfect pair.

16. Matching shirts – this is something we both agree is cool. I’d like to buy them, but if the budget it tight, we will make them.


17. Spa – I would like to do some sort of spa day for Josh and I the day before the wedding.

18. Necklace – to go with my dress. Can be costume jewelry, but I would like it to fit a vintage theme.

19. Undergarments – special for under the dress.

20. Invites – We are making these ourselves, so am not too worried about their priority.

21. Room Decor – you can add this on to your package, but we were thinking about maybe doing it ourselves. It’s not something we really need, but it could be fun!

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