Top 5: Things Every Disney World Fan Should Know About Disneyland

Most of the folks on the East Coast make frequent vacations to Walt Disney World in Florida and insist that it is the only Disney resort worth visiting. That’s a false statement. As a previous East Coaster and having had my only experiences of Disney Parks at Walt Disney World, I have to tell you that Disneyland is a wonderful place. Having gone this past month, it opened my eyes to many of the misconceptions Walt Disney World fans have about Walt’s original theme park in Anaheim. Here are 5 things you should know about Disneyland if you have never been.


Even Belle get cold in California!

5. The temperature is not the same as Florida – California is much dryer than Florida, so when the weather forecast calls for an 85 degree Fahrenheit day in CA, it is not the equivalent feeling to the same temp in FL. It will actually feel cooler in CA at the same temp due to the lower humidity. Make sure to wear your sunscreen though! Another difference is that the nights in CA get much cooler during the non-Summer months than the less-drastic changes in temperature during the day and night in FL. (Definitely bring a sweater or light jacket for Spring and Fall months in CA!)

4. If you are riding attractions in Disneyland that you’ve already ridden in WDW, they are not the same ride experience – For example, Space Mountain is a COMPLETELY different track system with different music, smoother riding, and double seating. Other rides such as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Splash Mountain, and Tower of Terror have slight differences in their ride-throughs which actually make experiencing them a whole new ride (or at least a different enough ride to feel like you are having a new experience!) Also, Fantasmic in Disneyland is a MUST, and much different than WDW’s version!

Resorts-13. Not staying in a Disney Resort Hotel won’t ruin the magic – Ok, this one is a little tough for me, because I really do prefer staying in a Disney owned and operated hotel. BUT, the thing is that in Disneyland, it’s not really cost-effective to stay at a Disney hotel. If you are looking for something with similar pricing to Walt Disney World’s (WDW’s) Value Resorts, try looking at pricing for Disneyland’s Good Neighbor Hotels (right on the Disneyland Parks website!) The quality and service will likely be similar, but of course you will be missing a bit of the “magic” Disney sprinkles in their rooms. The reason this worked out so well for Josh and I, though, is that we didn’t stay in the hotel much, but I WAS originally worried that the immersive feel of my past WDW trips would be lost by staying outside of the company, but it really didn’t ruin anything considering we were still in walking distance of the parks!

2. It’s on a smaller plot of land with less park but there is so much to do – One park at the Disneyland Resort is NOT equivalent to one park at the WDW Resort, especially if you are considering the 3 parks other than the Magic Kingdom. With so many attractions condensed into a smaller space, you may even say it’s a more enjoyable vacation because there is more to do in an easier navigation layout. Both of the parks in Disneyland are 2-day parks if you plan on trying to experience almost everything each park has to offer, and a 3rd day may even be considered in each if you want to get each and every thing done. This says a lot when comparing the parks to WDW because some (most?) consider Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and sometimes EPCOT to be 1/2 day parks!


1. It’s not just the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios – This kind of goes along with number 4 & 2, but has a little more to be said as well. The thing is that there are so many new experiences, different types of crowds, shows, attractions, themeing, lands, etc. PLUS an overall feeling that you are visiting Walt’s park. If you feel “home” at WDW, you will definitely feel even more-so at Disneyland (and that’s coming from someone who LOVES the Animal Kingdom!) If you visit Disneyland park when you’ve been a “Disney Worlder” in the past, you may feel like you are cheating on your first love, BUT the great thing is, you can have and love both! You don’t have to choose between the two! Disneyland and Walt Disney World should be be loved and explored by all.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. After going to Walt Disney World more than 40 times we are going out to Disneyland in Aug./Sept. for the Disneyland Half for our first trip to Disneyland. This helps so much.

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    This will come in handy in August when we go to Disneyland for the first time.

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