Fun Feature: Post Disney Trip Blues

This month is a busy one for Modern Mouse Radio. With trips to Disneyland and Tokyo, we’re going to have a lot of content in store for everyone. However, along with every trip we take comes the inevitable – the bitter end of the trip. It’s not a fun topic, but someone has got to write about it. I get sad thinking about the day my vacation has to come to an end when I don’t even leave for a few more weeks. Is this normal? How does one overcome the sadness that one faces when they’re no longer on vacation? Specifically a Disney vacation.

It’s actually quite easy, and here are many ways on how to cope and make yourself feel like you never left the magic.


1. Start a Disney blog.

I know – the idea of starting a site and committing to it sounds like a tedious job. However, you’ll find that there are many perks to starting a Disney blog. Even by visiting a Disney Park once, you’ve already gained valuable information from your experience that could come in handy to upcoming guests and fellow fans. Share that information! You’ll be writing about a topic you love, and you might pick up some new friends on the way. You’ll be surprised how many people will find your posts from a little Google search. In addition to these reasons, it’s always great to have more bloggers in the community. The more the merrier! You’ll find that you never really left the magic if you spread it to others and form new friendships from your blog.

2. Join Twitter!

Out of all the Disney communities on the internet, I’d have to say I like the folks you meet on Twitter the most. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care for internet drama or exclusivity. While I’ve never been involved in any ill encounters, the thought of even being a spectator to drama is exasperating. I believe Twitter is one of the clearest ways to avoid that path since everything is out in the open, and everyone is welcoming to meeting new people. Well, at least, that’s the experience I’ve had. Very rarely will you find someone being rude when everyone is conscious the entire Twitter world can see what you write (of course, there will be rare exceptions). Consider this a shameless promotion, but follow Josh, Angie, and me on Twitter! Eventually you’ll see the people we interact with and possibly befriend them, too! Your Disney Twitter family can only grow from there.


3. Disney Movie Marathon.

While I love the Disney Parks, it was the Walt Disney Animation Studios feature films that initially reeled me in as a fan at a young age. I imagine it’s the same case for everyone considering theaters and VHS/DVDs were more accessible than theme parks. So once you return from that Disney vacation, just go ahead and binge watch your favorite Disney films. Although, if you’re currently reading this post which is on a Disney fan blog, you probably have a film already playing in the background at this moment.

4. Watch YouTube videos of others on vacation.

What? Who suggested this? Is this another shameless promotion? Does it make sense to live vicariously by watching the vacations of people vlogging at a Disney Park when you’re not there to enjoy it yourself? Would you get ideas for future trips from watching these videos? Would you get a chuckle from seeing the character interactions that others may have with the princesses or villains? Hmm. I don’t know. All of this could actually be a horrible idea… but I’ll leave this link here for you guys to decide.

5. Start your own Dis-related YouTube channel.

I guess this point is kind of cheating as it’s simply a variation of “starting your own Disney blog.” However, the people you’ll meet from YouTube can be completely different. If you’re willing to come out of your shell and explore the world of vlogging, I highly encourage it! I’ve met many great people from sharing my experiences, tips, and knowledge on my own channel, and I can’t imagine not being on YouTube now. The YouTube community really could use more people, so please consider it!


I think a majority of all my pointers in this article all have one thing in common and that is to find a community that shares the same interests as you do. Any vacation we take will always be temporary, but if you find an outlet where you can continue that magic it will be like you never left. You’ll even be excited for others when they go on trips when you’ve never even met some of them! The end of a Disney vacation doesn’t have to be sad. You can reflect on the memories you’ve created and start planning your next trip. In the mean time, make new friends to help that time pass by.

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