Disney Trip Planning: Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt

I’m a veteran guest at the Disney parks. I think that’s an obvious statement considering that I not only write for but also run this website and have for a few years. I’ll be at Disneyland this coming week with Angie Carreiro, who is also a Disney parks veteran. When you’ve been to the parks as many times as we have, you have to make things a bit more fun and interesting. Angie has been a Florida veteran for years but this will be her first time at Walt Disney’s original park. She will also be turning 26-years-old while we are there. So, for the sake of doing something we’ve never done before and creating new experiences, I’ve developed a scavenger hunt for our trip.


I’ve seen others do scavenger hunts or bingo type of games at the Disney parks before, but this was my first stab at it. Walt Disney World already has their own scavenger hunt at the Magic Kingdom with Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, but Disneyland, a very similar park, has nothing like it. So I’ve derived things to find and questions to answer while on the trip.

I will leave my scavenger hunt below as a good example or as something you can do, but if you’d like to create your own scavenger hunt, do some research. You could easily just do a hunt for Hidden Mickey’s but I took things a step farther. I tried to find smaller things hidden throughout the Disneyland resort parks and also added in a few easy spots to give hope to Angie while she is looking. My biggest suggestion to those that want to create these scavenger hunts is to go by land. Leading your scavenger hunt from land to land and at least giving the hunter a chance to know what area it is in will help move the game along. Also, if you are staying at the Disney parks for multiple days, don’t be afraid to spread it out over the vacation so that you can enjoy the other attractions the park has, unless you are completely bored with everything else, but I highly doubt that.

I hope you find this fun and enjoyable. Maybe you’ll create your own or use mine next time you are at the parks. Enjoy!

Josh Taylor


Main Street USA
1. What is the name of the lady in the Box Office?
2. Find the “Test Wall” where bricks seems to be placed strange.
3. There is one lightbulb painted half red and half white. Where is it?
4. Find the storefront of the old Wizard of Bras Store.

1. Find and rub the golden apple.
2. Find the marionettes (puppets) in the windows. How many are there?
3. Find Sherlock Holmes in one of the windows.
4. Find the wooden Captain Hooke, Smee, and Crocodile.
5. Find the Abominable Snowman popcorn Turner.

1.Find Ms. Potts and Chip.
2. Find the Genie’s Lamp.

New Orleans Square
1. Find the white monkey in the shops.
2. Find the crypt dated 1764.

Critter Country
1. Find Mr. Bluebird’s House.

1. What is the scarecrow figure of outside of Goofy’s house?
2. Find Walt’s Window for Laugh-O-Grams.

1. Find the Rocketeer popcorn turner.
2. What is the stroller sign in front of Buzz Lightyear shaped like?

Buena Vista Street
1. Find Eddie Valiant’s mailbox.
2. How many stars does the US flag have at the Five and Dime store?
3. Find the dog walking ad at Atwater Ink and Paint. What is the name on the bulletin?

Cars Land
1. Find Buzz, Rex, and Potato Head at the Cozy Cone.

Golden State
1. Find the two moose from Brother Bear in the Redwood Creek Trail


Bugs Land
1. Find the reference to Dumbo here.
2. Find the four leaf clover.

Paradise Pier
1. Find the multiple Donald Duck figures carved into the architecture.


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