Fun Feature: An Ode to the Disney Pickle


I’ve spent many vacations snacking. In truth, I’ve always gone by the same rule: Snack for breakfast and lunch, then have a decent meal for dinner. So, I’ve spent many vacations snacking. This doesn’t just count for Disney vacations mind you, but all vacations. While I’ve been to Walt Disney World many times, there is something about a hot summer day that leads me to my favorite snack at Walt Disney World. Yes, it’s strange and weird, but it’s those gigantically fat pickles!

What is so alluring and charming about this snack? There is much to say about the Disney pickle. On hot and muggy summer days, I need something that is going to energize me. I’m from Colorado and for those of you who don’t know, it’s dry there. Like, bone dry! We don’t have the humidity like most of the oceanic states, and Florida’s air is so thick that it is a challenge for me, similar to how people from Florida are when they come to Colorado. Anyways, I tend to drop by a fruit cart for something energetic, simple, and easy. Oranges need to be peeled so that’s not much of a choice for me, and apples just aren’t juicy enough to feel refreshing as well as nutritional…but the pickle! It’s full of juices that seem to quench my palate and it’s still healthier than 90% of the choices at an Disney park so it won’t bring me down later from a sugar high or make me feel bloated.


The pickle is something I can stand in line for, even if it’s a short line, and be able to finish before I have to jump onto an attraction. I can open its packaging easily, hopefully without being too messy, and can easily dispose of said packaging in the waste basket near the turnstile to the attraction. The pickle is also something I can walk with which saves me time when traveling form one area of the park to another. Some snacks are too messy and must need seating before eating. For someone like myself who wants the most fun for my money, the pickle saves me from having to sit down and waste time not being on an attraction. Sure I love smelling the roses from time to time, but if I need to get to that attraction before my fastpass runs out of time, I’ll gladly take my pickle for a run across the park.

Oh Disney pickle, you are so perfect and yet, nobody understands how perfect of a snack you are.

Josh Taylor


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