Top 5 Reasons to visit Disney Parks in the Spring

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are great places to vacation all year round. There are many great reasons to visit the parks anytime of year. For some, the lure of summer road trips with the family harkens back to the idea of “When my parents took me to Disney”. For other folks, there isn’t anything like Christmas with Mickey Mouse. For myself, I’ve traveled during the Spring the last 4 out of 5 times I’ve decided to take a Disney vacation. Why you ask? There are several perks to going during the Spring. There are disadvantages, like attractions being refurbished, but the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages and for myself, it’s the most perfect time to go. Here are my top 5 reasons to visit Disney Parks in the Spring!


#5-Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival. Epcot is a beautiful place all year round. In fact, all of the parks have a magical botanical quality to them, but during the spring, Epcot really blossoms (get it?) with amazing colors. Maybe this isn’t for everyone, but for someone who does like to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while, I love this festival. If the flowers don’t get you, the concert series should. In my opinion, the Flower Power concert series is one of the better deals. Due to smaller park crowds (I’ll get to that in a minute!) and artists most people tend to know whether you are young or young at heart. Who doesn’t want to scream “We built this city on Rock and Roll” at the top of their lungs with a beer in one hand and a park map in the other. Sounds like a perfect day at the parks to me!

#4-Mardi Gras at New Orleans Square. For most Disneylanders, they will tell you one of the best places in the park is New Orleans Square. The original expansion to Disneyland is beautiful as well as intimate. The area also tends to be laden with musicians on most regular park days, but there is just something about Mardi Gras and Disneyland that go hand in hand. The real Mardi Gras is definitely not a place for families with nothing but bars and exploitations of body parts, it’s just a little on the sketchy side. At Disneyland, you can hear tons of music and eat great food without feeling like someone is going to get drunk or you’ll see something you didn’t want. Dance, sing, and play along with everyone in New Orleans Square as they celebrate in the friendliest of ways.


#3-Easter. Christmas time is one of the busiest times at the parks as well as Halloween time. Some of the events during these holidays are also ticketed events which means that you’ll have to pay an extra charge beyond your regular park ticket just to get in. For Easter, there is none of that. Easter at the parks is a great way to see some beautiful painted eggs, see some flowers, colorful dresses, and maybe a bunny rabbit or two. Due to smaller crowds (again, that’s coming up!) you can take your time with characters and see eggs without feeling rushed. It’s one of the best holidays that most people don’t know about at the parks.

#2-Perfect Temperatures. In the winter, it can get cold in California and Florida. Being on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad may not be as fun as you’d like when you feel like your ears are freezing. Likewise, standing in line for any period of time in the hot sun during the summer can be a draining experience. It’s why I always recommend Autumn or more likely, Spring for traveling. Temperatures are still nice enough on both coasts to wear comfortable clothing and enjoy outdoor attractions without getting cold. You also won’t have heat stroke just from standing upright. During the Spring, you’ll find that you can last longer in the parks and not think to yourself, “Man it is hot/cold out today!” at all. I’ve hard trips ruined with days that are too hot. Trust me, that won’t happen to you in the Spring.


#1-Low Crowd Levels. As an out-of-the-closet Disney lover, many people come to me saying, “…but don’t you hate standing in lines?” Of course I do! I’m pretty sure anyone with intelligent thoughts hates standing in a line. Disney has done a wonderful job of sprucing up many of their queues with interactive elements or appealing things to look at, but the bottom line is that nobody WANTS to wait 75 minutes to ride Space Mountain. During the Spring, you can avoid those horrendous Summer vacation and Christmas vacation lines. (Make sure to look up when Spring Break is for most public schools and know when the school year ends as well.) Book a trip 2 weeks before most public schools get out and you’ll find yourself in a park with few people and fewer children. Not saying that kids are bad, but there is a general feeling of less crying and angry dads.

Have you traveled during the Spring. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Leave your comments and keep this thread alive!

Josh Taylor


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