Disney Trip Planning: Some Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Next Disney Vacation

wpid-20140415_140545.jpg1. Keep a coin jar – Put all of your spare change and one dollar bills at the end of the day in a change jar. To make it a little more fun, decorate one yourself (old coffee cans work well for this!)! When it comes time for your trip, take a trip to coin star or the bank and cash in your coins!

2. Buy Disney Gift Cards – Set an amount aside each week just for your vacation, whether it be $5, $10, $20, etc. or whatever you can afford. Each time you accumulate $50, bring it with you to your local grocery store and purchase yourself a Disney Gift Card! You can use up to 5 forms of payment to pay for your trip, so you may want to purchase larger denominations of gift cards, or just put the rest on your credit card and use your other gift cards for purchases in the parks (souvenirs, food, etc.)

wpid-20140415_140502.jpg3. Get a Chase Disney Rewards Visa – Every $100 you spend, you get $1 worth of Disney Dollars. This is what Josh and I do – we pay all of our bills with our Disney Rewards Credit Cards, then immediately pay them off with the cash in our bank account (Note: ONLY use this method if you know you’ll pay it off as you use it, otherwise you might rack up credit card debt and that’s the OPPOSITE of saving money!) Then, right before your vacation, request your rewards on a card and the company will ship it to you!

4. Cut out one money costing activity per month, and instead, put that money in your “Disney Fund” – For example, if you tend to eat out once a week, either go to a less expensive restaurant, order cheaper meals, or eat at home instead for at least one of those weeks, then take whatever money you would have normally spent and put it in a special “Disney Fund” container, like a coin jar!wpid-20140415_140623.jpg

5. Save all extra income – Take anything you make in a week that is over the average amount you normally make (for example – extra tips, over time, etc.) and put it aside in a separate “Disney Fund” envelope, container, or coin jar!

The great thing about these tips is that they are all really easy and can all be combined!!! The key is to put the money you are saving in a place you won’t touch it otherwise – it’s really just disciplining yourself and planning ahead, and if you follow these suggestions, before you know it, you’ll have enough saved for either a whole Disney Vacation, or at least a big chunk of it!

Angie Carreiro


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