Disney Trip Planning: Utilizing your Fastpass or Fastpass Plus


As things stand currently, Walt Disney World and Disneyland have two different styles of “skipping lines.” Disneyland still uses the old Fastpass ticket system while Disney World has moved onto the wristband method with the new Fastpass+. Let me quickly explain Fastpass to those of you who are unfamiliar with the system. When you arrive at select attractions, you’ll see a regular line and a Fastpass line. The Fastpass lines are meant to be shorter and are regulated to those who have an assigned Fastpass for this particular attraction at a particular time. To obtain a Fastpass at Disneyland, you’ll need to grab a ticket from the kiosk near the line and comeback between a one hour time limit that the ticket specifies. (Popular attractions do run out of tickets after so many time slots have been filled, but we will get to this later.) At Walt Disney World, with the new wristband method, you’ll now be able to pick 3 attractions (with times) that you can take advantage of, long before you go on vacation. Once you’ve used your 3 fastpasses that are connected to your magical wrist band and want more, you can step up to a kiosk or cast member and ask them to sync more fastpasses to your wrist. That’s it in a nutshell, but there are tricks to utilizing your passes so that you can get your maximum money’s worth. Here are my tips for doing that very thing!fast


-Park opening is a crucial time period for fastpass. This is your time to grab a pass for an attraction that normally has a long wait time. At the Disneyland park, that could be one of many attractions, but if you make your way to Big Thunder Mountain or Indiana Jones for a fastpass, you can easily get your ticket for one, than get in line for the other while not waiting long in the regular stand-by line.

-After using your Fastpass, you can acquire another one. Do that immediately. There are no limits on ticketed Fastpasses, but once attractions run out there will not be another chance to grab more. (Note: You are not able to obtain more than one Fastpass at any given time, until you’ve used your previous Fastpass ticket, or a certain amount of time has passed)


-California Adventure’s new CarsLand has really been killing it with Radiator Springs Racers. It’s the most popular attraction in the park and it should be noted that these Fastpasses go rather quickly. Make your way to A Bugs Land to grab a ticket for this one. Yes, that’s right! Radiator Springs doesn’t have the ticket you need but the adjacent land does. Get there bright and early too!

-Strangely enough, Fastpasses can be grabbed for California Adventure’s nighttime show, World of Color, and this show does have a serious reputation for being crowded. I would suggest getting a chance to grab a ticket or get to this show a few HOURS early.

Walt Disney World

-The Magic Band version of Fastpass gives guests staying on Disney property an advantage: the chance to book 3 attractions online with the wristband each day of their vacation and can choose the times. Guests staying off property will have the chance to get Fastpasses as they enter the park, similar to Disneyland but without the tickets. Instead, they will get Fastpasses swiped onto their card.


-If you are staying on property, be sure to book your times as early in the day as you possibly can. Once your 3 Fastpasses have been used at the park, you’ll be able to get additional Fastpasses by heading to see a cast member or by doing it yourself at several kiosks. This does take away the running from attraction to attraction. Book your Space Mountain fastpass in Frontierland, if you’d like, before it expires. No need to run from one fastpass attraction to another if you have back to back times. You aren’t losing out on extra fastpasses until you use all 3 so enjoy where you are instead of running around.

-Check parade and show times before getting your Fastpasses. Make sure you don’t miss a parade or nighttime show you were dying to see because you wanted to get that Rock and Roller Coaster ride in. Some shows only run once a day and missing them because you are in line doesn’t sound fun at all.

-Your original 3 Fastpasses are editable, so you can change them at anytime whether it’s a week before vacation or while you are at the Disney resort. Do remember that you may not get the times you want if you change closer to your vacation or while on vacation.

Hopefully all of this info helps and that you can take advantage of the Fastpass system while on vacation! If you have any more tips or tricks, leave your comments below!

Josh Taylor


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