Top 5: Disney Costumed Characters Sure to Creep You Out

Disney Parks have always had characters to meet while visiting your favorite park. From the usual Mickey and Minnie to the very specific like the Little Orange Bird, these characters have come in many packages and have changed over the years. Just recently we’ve been able to make suited characters talk (The Talking Mickey) and we’ve seen purely robotic characters Wall-E) and we’ve been able to chat along with digital recreations (Crush). It’s part of going to the parks. Whether or not you stand in line to get a hug and an autograph, you’ll still see them as they chat with kids and make dreams come true….or nightmares. At times, Disney has unveiled some hideous costumes and characters that are sure to bring your reality of meeting some of your favorite characters to a hault. What am I talking about? Here are my top 5 Disney costumed characters sure to give you the creeps!

#5-Mad Hatter. Over the years, the Mad Hatter apparently went from having a magnificently creepy giant head to being the face character (a person where you see their head and not a costume) we see at the parks today. I’m weirded out by the nose they have on the current Mad Hatter but this gigantic head is way scarier than the Queen of Hearts! Also, let me point out those eyebrows. Why are you upset today Mad Hatter. Are you sick? Are you sad about something? Let’s talk and work this out my friend.

creepy characters 3

#4-Three Little Pigs. Like, the Mad Hatter, I just have to say, “What’s with the big heads?” More importantly, why does this pig have a death stare. There is no wolf in site but he looks like he is going to kill every child in line to meet him. No thanks. I hope his house actually gets blown down. He deserves it. Child Killer!

creepy characters

#3-Jessica Rabbit. What happened? This should be a face character first and foremost. Then this should be one of the easiest costumes to pull off. This looks like a drag queen decided to get hired at Disney as a April Fools joke. This creature of the black lagoon is from Disneyland Paris and I feel like French women know an thing or two about beauty and model-like looks. Instead, the French park has decided to crush everyone’s spirits with this thing.

creepy characters 2

#2-Jack and Sally. This has been baffling me every since I first saw it. Sally isn’t a bad character and could be a great meet and greet character during Halloween. Unfortunately, everyone wants to see Jack and Sally together but Jack Skellington is supposed to have a round head and be completely white. I think this one is too hard to pull off, so let’s just say that Jack can’t be a character at the parks, because this zombie/skeleton couple is all but too scary for anyone to meet, Halloween time or not!

#1-Mickey and Minnie. Transformations have never been so obvious. The Talking Mickey and the non-talking Minnie that we have today are more than acceptable. I love them actually. The costumes are colorful and are very photogenic. Back in 1955, Disney’s parks needed the mouse and his girlfriend to meet guests but this is what they got. Two skinny people in black leotards with giant creepy mice heads. Any child of the 50s must have banished away any times they went to Disneyland otherwise they would have had nightmares. I assume this is similar to some sort of posttraumatic stress disorder. Sorry children of the early days of Disneyland, I understand your pain.

Do you have any characters that creep you out or anything you’ve seen that just doesn’t look right? Send the pics my way or leave a comment/link below to keep this post moving right along.

Josh Taylor


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  1. I strongly disagree on Jack, Sally and Jessica.

    Besides, Jessica cannot be a face character for many reasons. It would be taking the easy way out, she’d look too much like all those cosplayers out there, her features are greatly exaggerated (compared to more realistic-looking human characters like the Princesses) and most of all, she’d be way too appealing to perverts.

    And having her be this way also allows her to keep her “Toon-ness”.

    There are several articles at that go into this in greater detail and I very highly recommend that you go over to that site and read them, Modern Mouse Crew.

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