Disney Trip Planning: The Cheapest Princess Costume You Can Buy!

wpid-20140312_114309.jpgI was picking up a couple of items at the Dollar Tree the other day and decided to stroll around some of the sections I don’t usually visit, including the toy section. To my surprise, they had some pretty decent princess and fairy costume pieces, for only a dollar each! The Dollar Tree is a popular chain store with many locations around the states, all their stuff is made in the USA, and every item costs only $1 (or sometimes even less!).wpid-20140312_114315.jpg


What I saw there as far as girlie dress up items was quite impressive. There were Tu-tu skirts of all different colors, and they were actually really cute! There was a jewelry set which was complete with bracelets, a hair clip, rings, and clip on earrings, and another set with a necklace and ring (both packages only $1 each, don’t forget!). There were also cute hair accessories and lots of cheap make-up (in the “Beauty” aisle of the store), including lots of glittery things. Plus, if your little girl (or boy) wants to dress as a fairy, you can also find different color wings! Also, they had gloves to complete a formal outfit look!


wpid-20140312_114306.jpgSo, if you are looking for a way to have your little princess actually dress as a Disney princess while on your Disney Vacation, check out what they have over at your local Dollar Tree!

Angie Carreiro



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