Disney Trip Planning: Souvenirs

Our personal Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection

Our personal Mickey and Minnie Mouse collection

Everyone wants to take home a piece of Disney with them when they go to one of the Disney resorts on vacation, that’s why God made souvenirs. A souvenir can be a physical representation of the great memories you’ve had during your trip, and it can also be something you might have always wanted. I, for example, have always wanted a caricature done of myself, so for Josh and my upcoming trip, I plan on getting that as my souvenir. In this case, it is something I’ve been waiting a while to get, and it is also a great memory of our trip! A souvenir that serves multiple purposes is great!

Josh's favorites from his Vinyl collection

Josh’s favorites from his Vinyl collection


Now, you may be like me and want to own every piece of Disney merchandise there is, so it’s a good idea to limit yourself. You can either limit by quantity or price or be like me – I tend to try and do both! Say, everyone in the party gets one “big” souvenir (maybe a large plush, piece of costume jewelry, caricature, t-shirt, etc. – i.e. something that is going to be in the $20-$40 price range or so), and one small souvenir (say a $10 mug, keychain, small figurine/plush, or magnet), or they have the option of combining the two price ranges and buy one really big souvenir!

Keep in mind when picking something out, what purpose it’ll serve back home. Sure, just about everything on the shelves in the Disney gift shops looks like you just gotta have it when they are sitting in a Disney Park, but sometimes when you bring it home, it loses its appeal and ends up in a box at home in storage later on in the year. This is one reason I like mugs and collectibles. I always use mugs (though I work at a pottery studio and just make my own Disney mugs there), Josh collects Vinyls and we both collect Minnie and Mickey things, so they always have a place in our house and a story to go along with them – “I got this from my trip back in blah blah blah because we had a great interaction with this Meet and Greet character the day before at Magic Kingdom,” or something along those lines.

a few of the mugs we have

a few of the mugs we have

There are so many different types of souvenirs to choose from, here is a list of some types, but the list really goes on and on and on and on and on and on and……………………….

  • mugs, cups
  • keychains
  • magnets
  • pins/lanyards
  • Vinymations
  • Posters
  • Original Artwork
  • Cels
  • clothing (t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, jackets, children’s outfits, etc.)
  • hats (ear hats, baseball caps, bucket caps, visors, fancy hats, etc.)
  • shoes (crocs, flip flops, ballet flat and ked-type kids shoes)
  • housewares (measuring cups, serving spoons, trays/platters, etc.)
  • Christmas decor (ornaments, tree skirts, figurines, etc.)
  • Sometimes pet stuff (I’ve found leashes, bowls, collars, toys)
  • food (dry pasta, cookies, etc. the food might not be a lasting souvenir, but maybe you can keep the packaging!)
  • jewelry (costume and diamond, gold, etc., also, charm bracelets and watches)
  • Plushes (everything you can possibly think of)
  • Toys (Disney character playsets, figurines, barbies, dolls, toy guns/lasers, cars, Mr. Potato Head, legos, light sabers, other movie specific merchandise, this list could be a-whole-nother post because it can go on forever!)
  • Costumes and costume accessories- mostly the most well-known Disney princesses or generic pirate
  • pens, pencils
  • autograph books
  • scrapbooking supplies (scrapbooks, stickers, paper, etc.)
  • crystal figurines
  • picture frames
  • Photopass photographer pictures (which I will be doing a post about soon regarding packages, etc.!)
  • Caricatures or silhouettes
  • light up things (necklaces, spinning wands, etc. – usually for parades, one of those things that get thrown away or put in storage usually)
  • Balloons – (fun for the day, but if you do this you can’t really keep it for home, unless you fill it up)
  • Animation workshop drawings – (these are free! You just go to one of the animation workshop locations, learn to draw a character, then take the drawing home!)
  • Family photos (either you can take your own family photos or ask a cast member to with your own camera/smart-phone, then print them out at home!)
  • Replicas (in toy form) of the monorail, monorail resorts, and train set! (something I’ve been wanting)
  • throw blankets, pillows
  • Towels
  • Robes
  • Soaps, shampoo, lotion, etc.
  • Specific Attraction/Hotel merchandise (usually comes in the form of something already mentioned above)
I'm not a pin collector, but here are some I either just HAD to have or were gifts (The Lion King ones were both!)

I’m not a pin collector, but here are some I either just HAD to have or were gifts (The Lion King ones were both!) or from tours!

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot, and it’s probably really obvious stuff, but that’s my basic list on what types of souvenirs you can find at the Disney Parks and Resorts. I hope you enjoyed some of my tips for buying souvenirs in the parks!

What are your favorite types of souvenirs to buy in the parks? What is something you wish you could buy and/or know you will eventually save for it? What are some souvenir buying tips you live by when visiting the Disney parks? Leave your answers in the comment below!

Angie Carreiro


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