Top 5: Reasons Seeing Ellen Host the Oscars Made Me Excited for “Finding Dory”

Ellen DeGeneres at the OscarsEllen hosted the 2014 Academy Awards this past Sunday evening, March 2, 2014. She was great. We loved posting about all of the memes that sprung up because of her “selfies” and celebrity pizza party! No one can argue with me about that… right? So, I decided it was appropriate to do a post about her and the upcoming Disney/Pixar sequel to Finding Nemo. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Seeing Ellen Host the Oscars Made Me Excited for Finding Dory:

5. She brought it up, at least once – If you are a regular Ellen Show viewer, you may have noticed that, before the announcement of the Finding Nemo Sequel, Ellen would constantly bring up how there needed to be another chance for her to be Dory. Well, she didn’t miss a beat to mention her favorite Disney/Pixar character again when they played an animation montage at the Academy Awards, which, upon its ending Ellen commented, “Could have used some more Dory.” Claaaaassic Ellen…ellendory1

4. She’s a character – Seriously, Ellen was BORN to be made into a cartoon! She’s the perfect personality, and has the ideal sense of humor to be a Disney/Pixar voice! No wonder they wanted her to host the Oscars AGAIN, people can’t help but wanting to tune in so they can see her!

3. Ellen is not only relevant now, but will always be a classic – Disney and Pixar are great with knowing which voices just work with which characters. It started with back in 1967 when Disney made the decision to pick the stars of the time to voice the main characters of The Jungle Book and they’ve continued to make winning decisions in the years to follow. Robin Williams, Paige O’Hara, Jodi Benson, Jeremy Irons, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Goodman, Kevin Spacey, Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel (and more!) were all perfect celebrity choices for voices that will stand the test of time!

©2013 Disney•Pixar. All Rights Reserved.2. She was (and is) hilarious – Seriously, from the moment Ellen stepped on stage at the 2014 Oscars, I was laughing. She ordered pizza, lovingly poked fun at Jennifer Lawrence, dressed as Glenda the Good Witch, kept taking selfies to post on Twitter (and crashed Twitter because of it!) interacted playfully with the A-list celebrities in the audience, and just overall had a good time.

1. She deserves it – There aren’t enough people out there in the world like Ellen. She’s generous to so many with her fame and fortune. She’s open and excepting to so many people who have things we might consider “differences” and isn’t afraid to support them openly during monologues on her talk show. AND she’s funny without being offensive, lewd, or obnoxious.ellendory3

So, all in all, I freakin’ love Ellen DeGeneres, and can’t wait to hear her voice in Finding Dory, whether or not I am actually excited for a sequel to a movie that I don’t think needs a sequel story to be told.

Are you excited for Finding Dory? Why or why not? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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