Disney Trip Planning: Tips and Tricks on Filming Your Vacation


Everyone wants to hold on to as many memories as they can from their vacations with their family and friends, so naturally, most of us bring the video camera. The problem here is we are often left with a vacation video that no one wants to watch later because it is boring and seems to drag on forever! So, in this article, I will discuss some tips and tricks to filming (or editing) your family vacation video in the Disney Parks!

-Edit out the boring stuff – With computers today, most have super easy video editing software that is as simple as selecting sections, deleting what you don’t like, and the ability to move around what you do like. So, you should take advantage of such user-friendly programs and cut out the stuff you don’t want to watch every time you pop in your vacation video.  (Note: keep 2 versions of the video, the one that will be the “watchable version” and keep the stuff you cut out as a “raw” version)

-Keep the final edited version under an hour – Any longer, and people will start to lose interest.

3– Don’t film the entirety of parades – Unless you are filming your kids dancing and having fun and interacting with characters, parades aren’t something that are very interesting to watch if you aren’t sitting there watching them in person. So, if there is a parade you just love and need to film, either film it and save it on a separate disc that you don’t necessarily watch with the rest of the vacation, or film just small chopped up portions of it!

-Adding in effects in a video editor – Adding background music, text overlays, transition effects between clips, title pages, and adding in digital photos of your trip is also pretty straight forward if you are used to how the basics on computers work! These effects can make a much more interesting video!

-Film people – People love looking at pictures of themselves and their friends and family having fun. Lots of us have been on vacation and wanted to capture the memories, but we tend to film the environment around us rather than ourselves enjoying the environment! Focus more on the people in your party, so when you look back on the vacation video, you can really remember the things that were most important; spending time with each other!

-Narrate – It helps to talk to the camera and let who ever will be viewing the video later know what’s going on. Not only does it make things more interesting, but it prevents you from having to interrupt the video every 5 seconds to explain what’s happening during viewing!

No, not THOSE Must-Do's!

No, not THOSE Must-Do’s!

-Have a plan – This doesn’t have to be too restrictive or time consuming, but I like to have some sort of plan of filming “must-do’s” before I go on a Disney trip. For example, on Josh and my upcoming trip, we are planning on filming some hidden gems at Disneyland, including some history, snacks, and more!

– Try to avoid looking through the viewfinder too much – Sure you need to look at the little video screen while filming to set up the shot, but if you are staring at a little screen during your whole vacation, you might miss out on what’s happening around you. Seriously,  in that case you might as well just not have gone all the way to a Disney park to experience it in person and just watch a little screen of someone else’s Disney vacation

-Bring an extra battery around with you – Most cameras these days have small back up batteries you can just slip into your pocket or bag so if you run out of battery, there’s no worries. This allows you to film a lot with out trying to save battery life. I also always bring a charger to my hotel room and charge my camera every time we go back or while we are sleeping.

You'll be surprised at how many uses you can find for these things!

You’ll be surprised at how many uses you can find for these things!

-Keep a Ziploc baggie on your person – This way you can just pop your camera in there when you ride water based attractions! (Quart size usually works well for smaller cameras)

– Make your video a story – The narration tip helps here. Make sure your story (ie. vacation video) has a beginning (maybe your journey to Disney from home, and/or arriving at the hotel), a middle (your vacation), and an end (leaving the parks, or arriving back at home – maybe with pets and/or family members greeting you back home). Also, include mini-stories within, such as waking up in the mornings, arriving at each new park for the day, going back to the hotel at night, etc.

If your battery dies, use your phone as a back up – Most smart phones take decent video these days, so if you desperately want to film something, but can’t use your video camera, the two videos can be edited together later on when you get home and to a computer!

What are you favorite tips and tricks for filming your Disney Vacation? Leave them in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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