Disney Trip Planning: DisneyBounding on Your Trip


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For all who don’t know, DisneyBounding is a new trend that has sprung up within the Disney fan base. Thanks to people like Leslie Kay (You can hear her on Modern Mouse Radio HERE!) and many others, the trend has become part of the #DisneySide promotion that Disney is running with this year. Summing up the trend is quite simple: dress in the colors of your favorite characters in a fashionable way. Check out the pictures in the post to get an even better idea.

DisneyBounding is a fun way to enjoy the parks and show off your Disney side. This past year we saw tons of photos of people doing it for Halloween, Dapper Day, and on any other day of the year. It is something that anyone can do and if you have the chance, we recommend doing it, but I do want to go over some steps to make sure you can jump into the parks as a hipster Ariel without looking a bit off kilter.


Thanks to perksofbeingveronica on Tumblr for posting this picture!

Thanks to perksofbeingveronica on Tumblr for posting this picture!

Shop Deals: Long before your vacation, be sure to shop online and find the right deals as well as the perfect clothing to be able to pull off your look. Buy something within your budget and shop for deals. That is key in my opinion. Save some money for souvenirs at the park instead of going bankrupt before you even step foot inside the gates of a park.

Be Subtle: Subtlety is very important, unless you love wearing something once then dumping it in a trash bin. Make sure you put together an outfit that you could wear any night out no matter where you are and it wouldn’t look like you found an adult size Peter Pan costume for sale at a thrift store. If you think you can wear it out with friends to a local restaurant without anyone recognizing that you are dressed like Pocahontas, you’ve succeeded.


A fancier version of Buzz put together by Leslie on Disneybound.Tumblr.com

Be Comfortable: When dressing up for a day at the parks, you have to remember that you are spending countless hours outdoors. You will be walking and standing a good portion of the day. That being said, quality shoes and shoes that are a bit worn are important. Ladies, don’t forget that sometimes the wind picks up so if you are wearing a dress, take into consideration that you don’t want to hold down the bottom half of your dress all day. It may be best to wear some tights underneath. Light jackets are also something to consider as part of your attire. Rain is frequent at any of the parks across the world and you don’t want to be caught in a rainstorm with short sleeves. The same goes for chilly evenings depending on the time of year. If you are drawing inspiration from outfits already put together by other people online, you may want to tweak their ideas to be a little more comfortable – especially when it comes to shoes! (Plus, if you want to read more about dressing comfortable in the parks, we have a whole article on it HERE!)

A Haunted Mansion inspired outfit by Leslie on Disneybound.tumbler.com

A Haunted Mansion inspired outfit by Leslie on Disneybound.tumbler.com

No matter what reason you decide to dress up in the parks, whether it be an event like Dapper Day, Disney Bounding, getting your Engagement photos taken in the parks, or dressing for a special occasion, all of these guidelines can be applied! All of these tips will help you have a more enjoyable experience in parks and really look like you know exactly what you’re doing without breaking the bank!

Have you ever dressed up for a special occasion in the parks? What was it and how was your experience with it? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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