Disney Trip Planning: Disney Craft – Countdown Calendar

countdowncalendarAs a lot of you probably already know, (if you’ve read any of my recent blog posts, any way) Josh and I are currently planning our next Disneyland trip! This trip is a huge deal for us – it’s our first official vacation together as a couple, which, what better place to plan that than a Disney park!? Also, it’s our one year anniversary, my birthday, and Josh’s favorite: Cinco de Mayo (which he keeps hyping up to make me mad because he knows I’m excited about my birthday.) So, we’ve been counting down the days to each other each morning that we wake up, but we wanted to make this trip as magical as possible, so we decided to translate this countdown into a more fun, physical form – so we made a countdown calendar and took pictures along the way, so you can make one yourself along with us! So, here we go!!!


Things you’ll need:

  • frame with glass/plastic front
  • suction cup hooks (2 or 3)
  • at least 2 different colors or patterns of paper (preferably card stock)
  • stencils or stickers (or really good penmanship!)
  • Disney decals (or print out your own design on your computer)
  • pencil
  • marker
  • ruler
  • straight-edge paper cutter and/or scissors
  • hole punch
  • adhesive (I used an Elmer’s glue stick)

A lot of these craft items I already had in my possession, except a spare frame and suction cup hooks, so we went over to the Dollar Tree and picked up a frame for $1 and a package of hooks for $1!


  1. I have a lot of patterned scrapbooking paper laying around so we picked our favorites and started planning.We chose grey with polka-dots as our background, so I measured it to the size of the frame 8″x10″ and cut it down to size using my straight edge paper cutter.
  2. Next, we chose out what our main design decal would be. I have a lot of Disney themed scrapbooking items, so we found a Mickey ear outline and square frame and configured them in the top right corner so we could leave enough room for hanging our countdown numbers and other wording to write down in the next step. I glued those down using an Elmer’s glue stick.20140212_182929
  3. Next I wrote out, in pencil, “Days until our Disney Vacation,” and, satisfied with that, I traced over it with sharpie.
  4. We then placed the whole thing within the frame and put the backing of the frame on.
  5. We stuck 2 suction cup hooks to the top left of the glass of the frame for hanging the number tags we were about to make in the next step! (Note: you may want to stick on 3 depending on how many days you have left to countdown!).20140212_183441
  6. We chose our paper for the tags that the countdown numbers would be written on – yellow with white polka-dots, and measured them with a ruler, then used the straight edge paper cutter to cut them down to size (approx. 2″x5″ each). We cut enough to do 2 of each number including 0, plus an extra #1,2, and 3 for future countdowns that might require 3 digits!20140212_185641
  7. Josh began stenciling out the numbers on each tag with pencil, while i filled them in with Sharpie.20140212_190040
  8. Once all the tags were made, we put a single hole punch in the top center of each number tag. finished
  9. For finishing touches we added a 3-D Mickey sticker on the outside of the glass on the frame, and hung up the numbers appropriate for today’s countdown – 80 days!

So, now you can make one, too! Disney countdowns are such a fun way to get ready and get excited about your Disney vacation and this one is the perfect daily reminder, right by our front door!

Angie Carreiro


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