Top 5: Favorite Disney Couples

It’s Valentines’s Day to those of you who love it. Happy non-love average Friday to everyone else. I thought I would try to put everyone in the romantic mood by presenting my personal favorite Disney couples. Love can be defined in so many different ways, and sometimes the most peculiar love turns out to be the best! I could easily fill this list with princess stories but I don’t think that’s what true love is. Snow White can’t get married within the first day of knowing the prince and still be considered a romantic couple. It’s just not going to happen here. So here are my top 5 favorite Disney couples.

Bernard and Miss Bianca

Bernard and Miss Bianca

#5-Miss Bianca and Bernard. The Rescuers gave us a cute mouse couple that helped the world with the Rescue Aid Society. We see the two of them bond and truly fall for each other. In the Rescuers Down Under we see Bernard trying to create the perfect scenario to propose to Miss Bianca. A setup like his shows that he cares a great deal for her. Their love bleeds into every aspect of their lives and it shows throughout both Rescuers films.

#4-Tiana and Prince Naveen. Two princess stories did make it onto my list. This is one of them. However, this isn’t a love at first sight kind of scenario. For Tiana and Naveen, they both have to learn lessons together through a tragedy. Both become frogs and trying to find their way back to being humans was a growing session for both characters, and as they grew together, they fell in love. Not only did they help each other become human again, but the story ends with Naveen and Tiana helping each other in opening her restaurant and surrounding themselves with family and friends. It’s what a real loving relationship should be.


#3-Belle and the Beast. Like the previous princess story, loving the Beast was a hard sell for Belle. It wasn’t until he opened up to her that she felt his compassion. More than that, this is a tale of love being valued over looks. For Belle, it didn’t matter that the Beast was….well…a beast, but with her love and strength behind him, they conquered his spell and he was transformed, but regardless of what he looked like before or after, she loved him just the same.

#2-Giselle and Robert. Okay, so maybe this one is a princess story to a certain degree, but it breaks all of the barriers. In fact, we could probably call it a spoof on all of the other princess stories. This live action/animated story, Enchanted, is one of Disney’s best in the last 10 years in my opinion. It showcases real life situations and how love can find you mysteriously. For Robert, he had his world flipped upside down when Giselle arrived, but when he allowed her into his heart, he found himself in love. She was everything he wasn’t and that’s exactly what he needed. Someone who could compliment his uptight. Sure they don’t end up being rich and living in a castle, but they don’t need that. They just need each other and their little family.

Peter and Wendy

Peter and Wendy

#1-Peter and Wendy. I’ve always found myself attracted to this relationship. I can relate to it. Peter Pan and Wendy Darling are the epitome of young love. When you are a child, you aren’t really sure what love is. (Even some adults don’t know what love is!) Showcasing that discovery of feelings and the excitement you get when you just see that other persona is what makes the Peter and Wendy romance so cute and unique. We can all relate to not knowing how to deal with our emotions or not knowing how to treat our partners, but we can also relate to discovering how to manage our relationships and how we feel when we set eyes on a person we truly love.

Hopefully you enjoyed the latest from myself. Leave a comment and tell us here at Modern Mouse who you love in real life or which Disney couples you love and can relate to.

Josh Taylor


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