Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide for a Disney-Lover


This collection has lots of characters to choose from (and a variety of price ranges)

Cinderella Storybook Figurine –  $43.40 on  This collectable is part of the Jim Short Disney Traditions Collection. Amazon actually has a lot of the prince/princess combos, and if there are any you want that you can’t find on there, you might be able to do a search and see where else on the internet they exist (but Amazon offers free 2 day shipping!)

Cook a romantic Disney inspired dinner – This idea could go a couple ways. You may want to cook a romantic dinner at home with Disney themed decorations, OR you could look up a recipe from your favorite meal from the Disney Parks!


Cuddle up with this beautiful woven throw!

Beauty and the Beast “stained glass” woven throw – $75 on the Disneystore  The thing I love most about this gift idea is the fact that it is so perfect for cuddling on the couch! Not only is it a great gift in general, but it’ll make for a perfect ingredient to a romantic Valentine’s evening with your lover! Plus, it’s really unique, and not too juvenile like a lot of the merchandise the Disney Store seems to offer.

Plan a Romantic Disney Movie Viewing Night – Pop in Wall-E, a classic princess/prince love story, or the Disney Movie you and your lover deem to be “your” movie. (For a especially romantic night, dance together to the love song during the movie, if it’s a musical!)


Elegant and simple with the perfect amount of Disney!

Mickey Mouse Necklace byArribas – $29.50 on the Disneystore – Not every girl likes to get jewelry for Valentine’s Day, but for those who do, this necklace is perfect. Simple and sweet with just enough of a Disney touch! Perfect for a necklace-loving Disney-fan!

Do a DIY craft (like frames) – Make your lover a frame and fill it with a picture of you two together. You can do this by finding a craft on Pinterest, or perhaps buying an already-made frame at a craft store and decorating with with items you find in the scrapbooking section at that same store. Mosaic frames are also a fun idea, and you can look for these kits at your local craft store (sometimes Paint your Own Pottery stores sell these, too!)

Make your significant other a countdown calendar for your next Disney trip! (even if you haven’t planned one quite yet) – Josh and I are going to be making one ourselves this next trip because it is something guaranteed to get you excited and keep Disney on your mind!

What is your favorite Disney themed Valentine’s gift, whether you’ve given or received it? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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