Top 5: Disney Characters to Most Likely Die First in the Zombie Apocalypse

Yep, that’s a long title, but it’s also a well deserved one and a top 5 I’ve been meaning to write for a long while. Beyond loving Once Upon a Time in all of of it’s overwhelmingly and ridiculous dramatic glory, I’m also a major fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead. I presume, like most of the people watching one of the most popular shows on cable television ever, The Walking Dead is appealing because of the realism of the situations as well as the well thought out tactics on how to survive an oncoming zombie apocalypse. Heck, I’ve watched enough of this show to realize what I have to do in any situation to survive. So, getting back to my other love, Disney, I’ve given much thought to which characters would survive at least a few months and who would presumably die the moment they saw their first zombie. So, here are my top 5 Disney characters to most likely die first in the zombie apocalypse.

The Seven Dwarfs

The Seven Dwarfs

#5-Most of the Seven Dwarfs. With the seven little men all having traits that make them who they are, these fellas seem to have death written all over them. I would find it obvious that someone named Sleepy or Sneezy would be an easy target for a swarm of undead cannibals. I would assume Dopey would die quickly too. He’s a mute so nobody would hear him go. My assumption is Doc and Grumpy would last the longest, however Doc would probably go in a self sacrificing notion, trying to save someone like Happy. Grumpy may last a long time as I presume his heart would blacken and his ability to hide due to his size would be helpful.

#4-Pinocchio. The former wooden boy is a great candidate for getting himself killed first. In the film, Pinocchio is gullible and seems to get into trouble more often than not. I mix of lying, cowering, and crying out for the Blue Fairy will be his ultimate death, especially of Jiminy Cricket dies first. Sorry Geppetto.



#3-Gaston. Straight to the point, Gaston is dying due to his lack of real knowledge and his probable thought that these zombies are really just people coming to swoon all over him.

#2-Rex. Let’s not forget our favorite Pixar pals. The crew from Toy Story seem to be smart, creative, and go-getting. All except for everyone’s favorite dinosaur, Rex. He’s clumsy and afraid of everything. That makes him a perfect candidate, especially with those small tyrannosaurus arms.

The Cast of Winnie the Pooh

The Cast of Winnie the Pooh

#1-Pretty Much the Whole Cast of Winnie the Pooh. Out of any characters I could think of, and there were a lot, I couldn’t figure out which character from Winnie the Pooh would bite the dust first. Then I realized, more than any single character in the Disney pantheon, the lovable stuffed animals of Winnie the Pooh are all soon to be shredded cotton and cloth. I would toss out Owl surviving due to the ability to fly and possibly Rabbit due to the same cold heartedness that Grumpy would inherit. Otherwise, everyone dies. Let’s face it, Eeyore is already suicidal, Winnie would probably be taken down unexpectedly while getting his head stuck in a honey pot, Piglet would cower and hide, Tigger is far too brain dead already, and Kanga would die in an effort to save Roo. The end. That’s it…oh and Christopher Robin will meet his end calmly while sleeping in his bedroom.

So that’s that. Wow, kind of sad actually now that I go back and read it. Sorry to bring you all down, but the good news is The Walking Dead returns to television this weekend. (If you read this exactly right after I post this.) As always, give your thoughts and comments. This could definitely be an interesting conversation.

Josh Taylor


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