Top 5: Reasons Donald Duck is Cooler than You


The fighting duck!

Mickey Mouse might be the face of the Walt Disney company but even Walt Disney knew that he had cornered himself with the goody-two-shoes personality of Mickey Mouse. Walt wanted a character that would be the anti-Mickey Mouse and he got that when Donald Duck debuted in “The Wise Little Hen”. What happened after Donald was created was a phenomenon. The duck became as popular or even surpassed the popularity of Mickey Mouse. He has not only been a large icon for Disney, but he has become a large icon for pop culture. So here are my top 5 reasons why Donald Duck is cooler than you.

#5-He is a college and country mascot. Donald is the only cartoon character to be licensed as an official mascot for the University of Oregon. He is seen as the Fighting Duck. Earlier than his college mascot days, he was an unofficial mascot for the Botafogo Brazilian Sports Club during the 1940s. The club has an official mascot now (so they don’t have to pay royalties) but many still consider the duck an unofficial mascot of Brazil.

#4-He almost became President. Let’s be honest, sometimes politics are boring and candidates don’t really deserve the vote. In Sweden, that seems to be the case at every election. Donald Duck has been a write in candidate from the Donald Duck Party often enough to be banned as a write in candidate. The Donald Duck party has become the 9th most popular party in Sweden, but Donald’s political prowess doesn’t stop there. Stateside, he beat out George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2002 as the district director of the Marion Soil and Water Conservation Board in Salem, Oregon. The candidates for the job were all write-ins so it was anyone’s ball game to be fair, but Donald beat Al Gore with over 200 more votes than the former Vice President, who only received 23 votes.

Donald's own film star on Hollywood Blvd

Donald’s own film star on Hollywood Blvd

#3-He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The strip of Hollywood Blvd. has over 2,500 stars on the ground, but only 10 stars belong to fictional characters. One is Mickey Mouse so I guess they are equal here, but this shows how powereful of a pop culture icon Donald really is.

#2-Donald Duck earned a six figure income working for the government. The Government accounting office chose Donald Duck as a ficticious person working for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development in the 1970s. He was given the salary of $100,000. That is double of the average civil servant. This was done to see if the computerized payroll system could be fooled…..and it was!

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow was one of my favorite games!

Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow was one of my favorite games!

#1-He is a freaking Ninja. Donald has taken on many personas over the years, and several job titles, but in the mid-1990s, Disney Interactive decided to give Donald a new persona. Donald starred as Maui Mallard in the video game Cold Shadow. He played a ninja with a bow staff and could fight like none other. The game was released on all platforms and is now considered a classic.

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