Top 5: Limited Time Magic Celebrations

For years now, Disney has decided that each year (or two years) it needs to have a celebratory event. I remember being at Disneyland for it’s 50th anniversary and the original attractions covered in gold….and everyone remembers the Year of a Million Dreams where cast members were just giving things away to park guests. In 2013, we got Limited Time Magic, a multitude of different celebrations from merchandise to live shows, 2o13 was a full fledged year of great one week long celebrations. To skeptics, Limited Time Magic was a waste considering most guests wouldn’t know what they were going to see the week they would be at the parks until the week before or even the week of. For some, that wasn’t good enough, but for myself, I saw 2013 as an opportunity for Disney to just throw darts at a large board shaped like a theme park and see which things worked and which didn’t. So what worked? What will carry on a lineage and make its way into the years to come? Nobody is completely sure but I’ll give you my list of the top 5 Limited Time Magic celebrations.


The cast of the Golden Horseshoe

#5-Golden Horseshoe Review. Disney park goers, and fanatics in particular, were really drawn to Walt Disney’s original stage show in Frontierland. It’s not a secret amongst Disney fanatics that they love nostalgia and this was their baby right from it’s original announcement. The show was popular enough to bring back for more limited engagements later in the year, but it was a big deal and for some, the only time they had or ever may see the show that made the Golden Horseshoe a big deal at Disneyland. Along with the original show, the Halloween show picked up at Magic Kingdom was also a hit and I could see more of this in the near future.

#4-Long Lost Friends. Should it be ranked higher? Maybe so, but I can’t help but think that the overwhelming success of Long Lost Friends sparked the idea to have Disneyland host a multitude of forgotten characters in Frontierland starting in 2014 and running through May. Most definitely the winner of the year, Long Lost Friends was so popular it was brought back many times and Disney even allowed guests to vote on which characters they would like to see return to the parks. I especially hope that this tradition of characters being brought back throughout the year continues because who doesn’t want to meet Panchito Pistoles!

Pull an All-Nighter in 2013

Pull an All-Nighter in 2013

#3-Monstrous Party. In 2012, we got One More Disney Day and during 2013 we got the Monstrous Summer Party. I really enjoy seeing the tweets and facebook updates coming in at 4am from the queue at Space Mountain. Giving guests one day during the summer to basically have an overnight party is a great idea. I remember having a few of these “lock-in” type of events when I was a kid at the local skate rink, but to do something like this at a Disney park is way beyond fun. Can you pull an all nighter at the most magical place on earth? I know I definitely could, especially if the wait for Peter Pan’s Flight isn’t as long as it normally is.

#2-Unleash the Villains. Disney always seems to undermine how powerful their fan base for villains is. Merchandise sells and when given the opportunity to meet such characters as Jafar, Disney fans flock to it. Seeing the festivities in October brought the idea that Disney could do very well with “The Bad Guys” if they utilized them properly. I’ve been a constant fan of having a much scarier experience at the Disney parks during Halloween and the villains could fit nicely into that at a park like Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Leave the kids of at Mickey’s part at the Magic Kingdom while all of the adults head to Hollywood Studios for a thrilling night with the villains.

Who doesn't want a walking tour of the Haunted Mansion?

Who doesn’t want a walking tour of the Haunted Mansion?

#1-Tours with an Imagineer. Whether or not it can be duplicated as the overexposure would truly kill the experience, getting to tour through any park, hotel, or attraction with an Imagineer is a priceless opportunity. Many of these tours occurred through the year and I wish I could have been a part of some of them. I’m sure Imagineers gave out basic info that even the normal Joe would know, but talking with an Imagineer who has worked on an attraction while taking a tour of it has to be a playful and unique experience that many of us could only dream of. Come on Disney! This could be a serious goldmine. Sign guests up and let’s take these tours into 2014!

Josh Taylor


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