Top 5: Disney Gifts Under $30

Shopping for that Disney lover is pretty darn easy as it is, because, let’s face it, a Disney fanatic will pretty much love anything Disney. But, how about those gifts under $30? Now that gets a little harder… So here are some of my picks for the top 5 Disney gifts under $30 for an assortment of Disney fans!

“and I’ll be doing whatever snow does in summer!”
I’m gonna tell him…

5. Singing Olaf Plush – $24.95 – Anyone who has seen Disney’s newest animated full length feature, Frozen has GOT to love Olaf – the enchanted snowman who has no idea that warm weather melts snow. He even has a song about how much he’d love to experience summer, and that’s just what this doll is – a summer-longing song by Olaf himself!

4. A fleece throw – Reg $19.95, on sale on for $10 – Who doesn’t love the gift of warmth during this cold, cold season? And what better than to get a blanket with a Disney theme for that Disney lover in your family! There are all different designs over on the Disney Store website and they are all on sale for $10 right now!


A pretty necklace for a pretty lady

3. A Mickey Icon Necklace – $30 – There are a bunch in or under this price range on the Disney Store website, and a lot of them are really pretty and simple. For a girl who likes getting jewelry, this might be a piece she doesn’t have in her collection yet!

2. A t-shirt – $15-$30 – There are a bunch of really unique and creative shirts Disney is offering these days. They not only include the characters of the parks, but they actually seem artfully done in the sense that you might not even recognize the references at first. Great for the Disney fan who loves Disney characters, but doesn’t want to be too too obvious with a huge mickey face t-shirt.


I love that they include Scuttle and Max!

1. A movie character playset – $19.95 – The Disney site has a few of these from specific movies. Because of the re-release of the Little Mermaid, there’s one of all those characters and it’s pretty affordable considering how many pieces come with it! I’ve also seen Monsters U, Frozen, Cars, Disney Junior stuff, and many others.


So cute!

Honorable mentions –

A sparky vinyl, just because I want this. (Actually, all of the popcorn series vinyls are pretty darn cute!)

Oh, an a Sven plush please (Santa, do you read my blog?)

What Disney gift ideas do you have for your loved ones? Leave your answer in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro 


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