DIY Disney Movie Night: Frozen

Disney's Frozen

Disney’s Frozen

Before taking my girls on their first trip to Disney World, I wanted to make sure that they were familiar with all of the characters we met.  I also wanted to make sure that my youngest (who was two at the time) was comfortable with all the characters so she wouldn’t be afraid of anyone we met.  A few months before we left, we started doing Disney family movie nights every other week.  The girls loved them.  We have been suffering from the Disney blues lately since we weren’t able to make a trip this year, so we started up our Disney Family Movie Nights again to chase those Disney blues away!  I love the fact that despite their age difference (my stepdaughter is 12 and my daughter is 3), they both love Disney Family Movie Nights and love being involved in the activities.

Every other week, I will let one of the girls pick out a Disney movie.  Then, I will come up with decorations, a menu, and an activity based to the movie that was picked.  I’ll post everything here on Modern Mouse Radio so you guys can follow along the fun with us!  We decided to kick things off with Frozen, since we were all super excited about the release of it!  This ended up being a Disney Family Movie Day instead of night since we had a themed breakfast and saw a matinee.

Matinees are great for cheaper movies!

Matinees are great for cheaper movies!

The decorations:  I had wanted to do a snowflake theme, but I had trouble finding a lot of stuff with snowflakes on it in November.  I did find a snowman tablecloth (for Olaf), a toy snowman, and some plastic snowflake ornaments at Dollar Tree.  My youngest already had an Anna and Elsa doll, so we used them for our centerpiece as well.

The menu:  This was the toughest component to come up with for this movie, since I hadn’t seen it yet.  I decided to go with Norwegian food since Norway inspired the scenery for Frozen and Anna and Elsa are currently meeting guests in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot.  When I looked at recipes from Akershus, I considered Kjottkaker and cauliflower mashed potatoes, but I knew my picky eater wouldn’t touch it, so I decided to go with breakfast foods instead.  We had breakfast potato casserole, sausage, and Mickey waffles.  I had planned on having fresh fruit as well, but my youngest is a fruit fiend and ate it all.  Now that I have seen the movie, I probably would have done sandwiches, carrots, and chocolate fondue for dinner.  Sandwiches and chocolate fondue are a reference to a line in the song “Love Is an Open Door” and carrots for Sven and Olaf.


The activity:  When we got home from the movie, we made snowman sundaes.  I had found Mayfield Snow Cream ice cream, which I thought would be perfect, but it wasn’t.  It wasn’t very creamy, it was more flakey, which made it difficult to mold into snowmen.   Next time I will stick with regular vanilla ice cream instead.  The girls still enjoyed it.  They used pretzel sticks for arms, chocolate chips for eyes, mouths, and buttons, chocolate syrup for hair, and Starbursts for noses.  We microwaved the Starbursts at 40% power for 15 seconds to soften them a little so they could be molded into noses.

I had also planned on making snow globes, but the girls were tired and more interested in ice cream.  To make your own snow globe, glue small figures or toys into the lid of a clean jar (baby food and pickle jars work great).  Once the glue is dry, fill the jar with water and glitter. (Note: be sure to use cold water because hot water will be cloudy.)  Screw the lid back on the jar and apply a thin layer of glue around the lid to make sure it stays closed and doesn’t leak.  Viola!

Decorations and Food for Frozen!

Decorations and Food for Frozen!

I let my oldest pick our next movie, which will be The Emperor’s New Groove.  She couldn’t pick an easy movie for me, could she?  Stay tuned!

Alexia Christensen


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