Disney Trip Planning: Surviving a Disney Trip During Christmas Time

Even Disney Characters get together for the Holidays!

Even Disney Characters get together for the Holidays!

It might be obvious enough to you, but if it isn’t, let me say it now: Christmas time is the most crowded time of year in the Disney parks. There must be some reason for that, right? It’s a magical time of year and where better to spend a magical holiday than at the most magical place on Earth? So, you agree with me and decided to book your Disney vacation sometime during the Christmas season, but how are you going to manage such a busy time of year!? Here are some survival tips just for you!

Expect to wait in line – Know that you are going to be waiting in line. If you have ever visited the parks during the slower seasons, you may have been able to just walk right onto certain attractions. Well, that’s probably not going to ever happen this time of year. If you know what to expect, you wont be let down. Your trade off for visiting during the most beautifully decorated time of the year is doing it with thousands of other people.

Take your time – Because everything will be super busy and packed, just tell yourself to take a deep breath and take everything in. Otherwise, you will feel very rushed to complete everything there is to do in the Disney Parks, and during the busiest time of the year, that is an impossible goal to have! Make yourself relax and stroll and take it easy. If you make your trip about that instead, you will have a more fulfilling experience in the end (since that might be the only realistic goal you can set this time of year)

See the decorations at various resorts, like these at the Grand Floridian!

See the decorations at various resorts, like these at the Grand Floridian!

-Resort hop during the busiest times of day at Walt Disney World – Resort hopping is one of my favorite things to do. Sure Disney Transportation will be especially crowded this time of year, but it’ll probably be considerably less busy than lines to the most popular attractions inside the parks during the busiest times of the day. Early morning and late night tend to be slower times inside the parks, and so are the times when different fireworks shows and popular parades are taking place. During all the other times, you may want to consider checking out all the different Christmas Trees, decorations, and gingerbread houses at the different resorts!

-Prioritize – Have everyone in your family make a list of what is most important for them to do during your vacation and make sure those get done. Make sure the list includes all the things you can’t miss and don’t leave off anything that you would be disappointed that you didn’t get to. If seeing the fireworks show and parade in Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day is on the top of your list, know that you probably wont be able to move anywhere else in the park that day, so make sure you REALLY want to do that and pretty much only that on that day! Also, make sure you are in the park early, because they close when they reach a certain capacity! (TIP: Disney Resort guests get first priority of being let into the parks when they are close to capacity!)

Mickey Very Merry Christmas Parade!

Mickey Very Merry Christmas Parade!

-Find things to do other than ride attractions – Make a plan of other fun things to do in the parks besides things you know you will have to wait for! You may want to play some of your own made up games like these I wrote about in a previous post: Disney Trip Planning: Playing Games.

There are always pros and cons to booking your Disney Vacation any time of year, and these are just some suggestions I have to enhance your Disney Vacation when visiting during one of the busiest times of the year. What are some of your survival tips? Leave your answering in the comments below!

Angie Carreiro


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  1. I like your tip about resort hopping. The resorts are so beautifully decorated this time of year and it gets you out of the crowds. Having visited many times during the holidays, I think the best thing is to make sure to bring your patience. It’s crowded and there will be the long waits. There are always so many visitors that get grumpy with the crowds. a good attitude goes a long way. I also always look at a Disney ( or any theme park trip) with the main goal of spending the time with my friends/family. The attractions are the bonus, but really it’s about the time spent with loved ones.

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