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Welcome to Restaurantosaurus

First of all, if you are a Restaurantosaurus fan, you might want to stop reading now.  I’m managed to make a few people mad with my opinions on this restaurant.  So if you are a fan and want to be in a good mood for the rest of the day, stop reading now.  On with my review now that you have been warned.  In case you have never been, Restaurantosaurus is a quick service restaurant that is located in Dinoland U.S.A. at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  It is opened from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm for lunch and dinner.

Both days we were at Animal Kingdom, we got stuck in a bad storm.  For some reason, Mother Nature and Animal Kingdom did not get along both of those days.  Both days we had hid out in a gift shop as long as we could.  Once it got crowded and expensive, we made a mad dash for Finding Nemo: The Musical.  When the show was over, the park was pretty empty.  We didn’t want to go back to the hotel and eat at the food court again, so we tried to find a quick service restaurant that was still open.  Restaurantosaurus was the only quick service restaurant still open in the park, so it was our only option.  We arrived around 6:00 pm, and there was only one other family there.

Dinosaur Theming?

Dinosaur Theming?

Because the park was nearly empty, the food took a very long time for them to prepare.  The menu consisted of typical hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and grilled chicken sandwiches, of which we each ordered one of.  The food was mediocre.  Nothing really stood out.  I preferred Flame Tree Barbeque so much more over Restaurantosaurus.  We could tell the cast members were really bored.  They kept hovering over our table and the other guests’ table, which made it difficult to enjoy any of the meal.

The interior of Restaurantosaurus is supposed to resemble the inside of a dorm where paleontology students dwell.  There was only one dining area open for us that looked like the inside of a hunting lodge to me.  I thought it was a little odd and didn’t really get it.  Maybe if the rest of the restaurant had been open and I could have seen the whole picture it would have made more sense to me.

Between the mediocre food, odd décor, and lack of personal space, Restaurantosaurus would be my last choice for a quick service restaurant.  I have been told by many people that I need to give it a second chance, but I’m not really in hurry to do so.

Alexia Christensen


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