Disney Trip Planning: Tips and Tricks for Walking to Prep for Your Disney Vacation



If you’ve never visited the Disney parks before, you might not realize how much you will be walking when you get there. This especially goes for Walt Disney World, but also applies to the Disneyland Resort. Seriously, you’ll be walking everywhere, to the food court, to the bus, to each attraction, around the resorts, etc. Even if you try and plan your day to stick within one land within a theme park, you undoubtedly get side tracked and have to book it across the park at some point to pick up or redeem a Fastpass, or get to your favorite restaurant before the lunch rush starts!

With that said, it’s worth it to consider how much you will be walking in the parks before you go. Preparing your body and legs and shoes can be the difference between comfort and exhaustion during your vacation. So, weeks before your trip is when the actual preparation should be taking place, and here are some tips and tricks to get you ready for all that walking!

Start going on walks or extend the walk time you already put in!

Start going on walks or extend the walk time you already put in!

-Go on daily walks at home – I already go on daily walks because I have dogs, but something I have always done before my Disney vacation is increased the time and pace at which I took them for walks! I tried out different shoes in this process as well and found out that some of them (such as my black flat with barely any sole) just wouldn’t cut it for a day in the parks. I might not have assumed this otherwise, but after an hour long power walk in them, I knew they wouldn’t be making it into my suitcase! This brings me to my next tip:

-Figure out what shoes you are going to bring with you before you start packing and wear them in – This sort of goes along with the above tip, but it is especially important for those of you who might buy shoes specifically for your vacation. If you don’t wear them in before your vacation, your feet will be aching after only a few hours into the first day! I like my Converse Chuck Taylors personally, but must admit they aren’t the most comfortable pair of shoes out there. You really want to find something with cushioned support and breath-ability. I also always bring these Adidas sandals that I bought for the sole purpose of wearing to the parks. I wore them before the trip, of course, and they are similar to the material Kroc’s are made out of, so they are super comfortable, though not especially cute or anything.

-Park further away from the store/take the stairs – weeks before your trip you may want to adding in an extra walk anywhere you can! This means finding a parking spot further away from the grocery store (and maybe even wearing your new Disney-Park-designated shoes to do all those errands in) or opting out of an elevator ride to walk a few flights of stairs! Maybe the corner store that you usually drive to is sort of in walking distance and you could even decide to walk there for a change!

He wishes he was Mousercising instead.

He wishes he was Mousercising instead.

-Use that treadmill or try some new work outs – Whenever I start walking more, the next morning my calves KILL, so it’s always worth it to get them to that point before my trip so I’m not tearing the muscles more and more each day at the parks! Any exercise that works your legs and butt is great, such as riding a bike, walking on a treadmill, squats, etc. Plus, it’s just good to do this stuff for yourself anyway!

-Pace yourself – if you start getting tired while in the parks, it’s Okay to take a break! Always remember that, and actually set time aside each day when planning your vacation to say “Okay, we have an hour or two to just relax,” or even just add extra time to ride more relaxing attractions or lounge around for lunch! Remember, if you live in areas where you aren’t used to the Florida or California weather and that’s where you plan on visiting, the heat will get to you and make it hard to keep up the pace you are accustomed to!

-Mimic what you expect the parks to be like during your walks – the best example of this is if you have kids. They WILL get tired and need you to carry them in some form, so bring a stroller to save yourself. If you are planning on bringing a stroller, you may want to incorporate one into your daily walks, even if you have your kid walking at your side holding your hand, just to get yourself used to pushing that extra weight!

-Use a pedometer – this is just a fun thing you might want to do to see how much you really truly walk and compare it to what others have reported walking at the Parks!

These are some tips and tricks I use for myself when preparing myself for all the walking I will be doing when visiting the Disney Parks. What are some of yours? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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