Disney Food: Earl of Sandwich


Downtown Disney’s delicious sandwich spot

Disney World is about a 12 hour drive from my home.  To make it easier on my girls, we usually drive straight through at night while they are sleeping.  Of course, my husband and I are both exhausted by the time we arrive, but it makes it worth it since we don’t have cranky kids when we get there.  Since my husband and I are usually worn out when we arrive, we usually do a “down day” when we check in where we hang out at the pool and Downtown Disney.  Every time I told someone that was our plan the first thing I heard was, “You have to eat at Earl of Sandwich!”  After hearing how great it is so many times, of course you want to try it for yourself.  You also hope that it lives up to the hype.


Earl stays busy because it’s just too good

After spending a few quiet hours at the pool and several cups of coffee for my husband and me, we headed to Downtown Disney for the rest of the day.  We decided to head to Earl of Sandwich for lunch first, then do some shopping.  The crazy long line was a little intimating; however, don’t let it scare you.  The line actually moves pretty quickly (we only waited for a total of 15 minutes) and it was well worth the wait.

Despite being crowded, the front of house was very organized.  Someone from T-Rex Café should go over to Earl of Sandwich and take notes on how to run things.  After ordering, our food was up within five minutes.  Surprisingly we were able to find a table right away.  It always baffles me when you wait in line for 15 minutes just to order and then can find a table immediately.


Disney-fied Earl of Sandwich

If you think this restaurant is going to be like Subway (like I did) you are wrong.  It is so much better.  I had The Original 1762, my husband had The Full Montagu, my dad had the Caribbean Jerk Chicken, and my girls shared the Hawaiian BBQ.   The bread is fresh and toasted just right.  All the ingredients are fresh, and they have figured out how to balance all the ingredients perfectly.  Even my picky eater, who asked me six times to make sure that they would not put the yucky cheese (what she calls American cheese) on her sandwich, loved hers.

Now I know why everyone loves Earl of Sandwich so much.  I have heard that there is also a Thanksgiving sandwich that is offered in the fall that is also amazing.  I think I know what I will be trying on our next fall visit.

Alexia Christensen


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